How events of 911 even today is leading us to the New World Order!!

Like I keep saying, if you understand 911 then you will understand current events. Like I mentioned in my previous videos, that those who carried out 911 are the same ones carrying out the Covid scam now. This Covid scam is being used to take us into the New World Order (aka the Great Reset). But one thing that people need to realize is that 911 was an event that laid the foundation, and the obvious reasons were the gobbling up of our liberty and freedoms, covering up crimes, and limitless funding. All the money that was gained came from the banks, which gave loans for the “war on terror”. America alone is now 27 trillion dollars in debt, which is impossible to pay back. Other countries are in tremendous debt as well. The global economy is crashing, and the nations involved are indebted to the banks. The global cabal that owns the banks basically own the countries now that cannot pay back their debts. And what keeps nations from saying ‘stick your debts up your ass’ to the banks is because they have too many globalist within those governments that are all in on the Agenda. Centuries of infiltrating governments has given the global cabal power in all the high places. But anyway, 911 not only allowed this cabal to gain control over governments and accumulate wealth and power, but it also provided for the collapse that they knew would eventually happen after governments took loan after loan to fund the war efforts. This planned collapse allowed them to exhaust economies to the max while using all thay money to basically build our own technological police and military state prison, and implement a global economic and social “reset” for the crashed and decimated, used and abused, social and economic system of the world. Check out this video!

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