This is not a Marxist takeover, it is Technocracy!

It is easy to mistake what is going on in the world as a movement towards Marxism. I hear a lot of people saying that we are headed to Communism. It sure could appear that way because we see many people supporting Socialism (Communism lite) even in the United States of America. The education system has been hijacked by Marxists for many decades, especially in “higher education” and so many young minds have been tainted by the indoctrination from Marxist professors. Socialism has even made it to American politics as acceptable and a worthy alternative, something that was unimaginable just a decade ago. Many people proudly profess to be Socialists to their peers, though many people do not really understand what Socialism is nor its dark history of being responsible for murdering millions of people. When confronted about the utter failure of Socialism and Communism in history they simply say it was just done wrong every other time. Somehow they think that a completely corrupted political system run by criminals in every nook and cranny will usher in a Socialist utopia is nothing but naive and frankly stupid. But I’m not here to argue against Marxism, I’m here to present what is truly being ushered in as the government of the New World Order, and that is Technocracy. Marxism is nothing more that an ideology that is being used at the present moment to overthrow this illusion of Democracy or Republic that we have been suckered into thinking that we live under. The end game that is planned for humanity worldwide is Technocracy.

What is Technocracy? The popular definition is “the government or control of society or industry by an elite of technical experts.” Big name Technocrats that most people will recognize today are Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Dr. Anthony Fauchi, Al Gore, etc. Many of these people are extremely wealthy and have massive influence and control over public policy without being active politicians themselves, and are gaining a tremendous amount of power over the lives of humanity on a global scale. They are using their wealth and organizations to enforce a transformation on societies that is leading to, well let me say, the New World Order (aka the Great Reset). They are taking us into a distopian global dictatorship that will be run by social engineers and technology experts, that will be controlled by artificial intelligence. If you want to know what it will look like then simply look at China. China is a Technocracy that has been the guinea pig and model for working out this fascist system on a population, which is meant for every other nation, and is being emplimented and ushered in before our eyes. Within the last 7 months we have watched the Technocrats bring about global tyranny and a transformation in society unlike anything we have ever seen before, and its only just begun.

As Patrick Wood said, this is not a Marxist takeover, they are only the useful idiots that are being used to help overthrow the present system of government that we are under now. They are the tools being used to bring about civil unrest and breakdown of society with violence and division. But once the Technocrats have achieved what they need from the Marxists then they will take down them as well because they have no use for them after that, nor do they want them in the way either.

I highly recommend watching these videos below, one is by Patrick Wood and the other by me. Thank you folks for your time!

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