Prepare for Food Shortages

I have been saying for a while that food shortages are coming. That is no big secret at all, but I feel like many people still do not realize that we are heading into some hard times. The world of Covid has brought about interruptions to the supply chain that has impacted manufacturing, ranchers, farmers, distributors, etc. The last lockdowns caused a break in the supply chain that demonstrated how vulnerable we are, as we saw momentarily store shelves being depleted and prices go up on everything. Panic buying happened which made going to the store to buy essential supplies look like Black Friday Christmas shopping, people with high anxiety and short tempers had everyone on edge.

It doesn’t take Nostradomus to predict that another lockdown is coming. No matter what your opinion is about Covid, it is vitally important that we all prepare ourselves for consequences to poor decision making by government and 24/7 fear mongering by media and politicians. The supply chain is still suffering from the consequences of the last lockdown, and when we go into another lockdown it will be traumatic. As last lockdown demonstrated, ranchers were forced to euthanize their animals, farmers forced to destroy their crops, manufacturers forced to stop production, and stores had to ration their depleted stock. And it also became harder to find things like generators, refrigerators, air conditioners, etc.

The solution is to stock up now! We are running out of time because another lockdown is going to happen and the supply chain is going to be impacted even greater because we will go into a lockdown with an already hindered supply chain that hasn’t fully recovered from the last lockdown. All other nations are facing the same problems, and that is more troubling in America because of our dependence upon imported goods. Set back at a bare minimum of 3 months worth of food, much more if you can. You can get a lot of food for a cheap price NOW that has a good shelf life by stocking up on canned food. Make sure you not only stock up on canned vegetables but get plenty of food high in protein, unless you are a vegan. High protein foods usually are more nutrient dense and may curb hunger a bit longer. Those are things to consider. Here are some recommendations of canned food to stockpile… tuna, canned vegetables, beans, Chef Boyardee, soups, etc. Another thing I suggest is to stock up on frozen foods, especially meat such as chicken, fish, beef, wild game, etc. And another very good source of nutrients for a very cheap price is dry rice, beans, etc. Dont forget other things like coffee, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. Buy extra with every trip to the store, give yourself a supply that will allow you to avoid the need to go to the store when panic buying starts, because it will be very difficult and stressful, not to mention dangerous. When the crap hits the fan and if you need to go to the store, it would be wise to go as a group, so that when you are walking back to the car with your purchase you won’t be vulnerable to being confronted by desperate people looking to take what others have. In those times we will have to be on high alert at all times.

Check out my videos where I discuss preparing for food shortages!

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