Thanks for the rebuttals!

I had published some videos about 911, and I woke up yesterday morning to find that someone made a rebuttal video against my video titled 911, Pentagon. In the video the man made a very intelligent and respectful rebuttal where he took issue with some of the points I made. I encourage anyone who watched my video and who is interested in learning more about 911 to not only listen to my information but also do your own research, including looking into other points of view such as the rebuttal against my video by Adam Fitzgerald on YouTube. I am not out to get people to believe a certain way, nor am I interested in defending belief systems and ideologies. I am only concerned with sharing the truth about what is going on in the world. I study and research things very diligently and I am only concerned about getting people to look at things with an open mind and question the official narrative of everything. Like the old saying, history is written by the winners. Very true, and likewise the official narrative is CONTROLLED by the elite one percent global cabal. This cabal is basically a Satanic cult who has an agenda that has a nasty plan for humanity. They own the mainstream media and they have weaponized the narrative as mind control. These psychopaths know that when they control peoples perception then they can control their behavior. That is what I have taken upon myself to fight against, and to bring awareness that what we have been told to believe and how the world really runs needs to be questioned and looked at from alternative angles.

That being said, check out my video below where I respond to the video by Adam Fitzgerald.

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