Have Understanding for the Brainwashed??

If someone told you 10 months ago that soon the whole world would be put on house arrest and forced to watch their independent livelihoods be totally destroyed over a so-called virus that had over a 99 percent survival rate, would you have believed it? Probably not! It seems insane that there are a lot of people out there that still think that lockdowns were necessary and will still support more lockdowns that are no doubt going to be imposed again. And I have tried very hard to be understanding because I do understand the level of manipulation and mind control that has been played out on humanity from cradle to grave. It is very difficult to accept that we have been played and duped, its very hard on the ego to admit that. On the other hand, after 8 months into this Covid scam I am running out of understanding because the sleeping masses who still live in fear are dragging the rest of us into this distopian nightmare. They even get mad at the rest of us who don’t live in fear and refuse to comply to the scam, and they are the people who get their information from known liars and murderers, the government and their mainstream media. Some of them know that the government and media lies about everything, but they somehow think that they are telling the truth about Covid. Sorry folks, but I refuse to keep my head down and my mouth shut while watching all of us get dragged into a future of slavery while others are too blind to see or too cowardly to speak out against. I refuse to silently accept watching lockdowns destroy people’s mental health and wipe out the independent livelihoods that were built over decades of blood, sweat, and tears over night over a scam. Check put my video where I discuss this more in depth.

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