Is Martial Law Coming or Even Possible?

Of all the possibilities that can happen these days such as food shortages, war, lockdowns, etc., martial law is one of the possibilities that are being considered by some. Will martial law be declared in the near or distant future? Let me share my 2 cents.

There is no doubt in my mind that government wants more control over the population, and they have gained a tremendous amount already. This is not just the government in America but also governments worldwide. And something that I often talk about is a global network that is pulling off this global takeover for a one world government. If you have been paying attention over the years you will notice that countries throughout the world have loyalists to that global network, and they are called globalists. America has many of them and so do many other nations. Their true loyalty is not with the country they live in but to the globalist agenda for a one world government. They have spent many years selling out the country that they have lived in and posing to be a servant for, and they have sold off their country’s sovereignty step by step and made them less self sufficient and more dependent on foreign countries and aligned with the United Nations and the globalist agenda. I mention all of that because eventually, once the orchestrated civil unrest has been heated up and gotten out of control, not by the average citizens, but by the hidden hand who are organizing and funding riots and strategic infiltrated provocateur agents placed within protests, they cause the chaos necessary in order to give them a reason to use force to bring about “order.” Its an old tactic they have used for a very long time, its called order out of chaos or problem reaction solution. That is why you see lots of people being bussed into hot spots of civil unrest and riots and the violence and destruction. These groups are highly funded and well organized, and within these people are agent provocateurs who are infiltrated and are the ones who lead mobs into doing more violence and destruction then they would have on their own. People who are frontmen for the global network, such as George Soros, heavily fund riots and civil unrest, and also intelligence agencies like the CIA play a huge part as well. This is what we have seen for years any time they want to create the perception of civil unrest so that they can then give the perception that strong police and military force is necessary to intervene and take over. And this is the same old PSYOP that we have seen getting played out in current events.

This is where martial law can get enforced. This global network wants to give the perception that America is headed towards civil war. They are the ones orchestrating much of the chaos and they also own the mainstream media who are hyping it all up. What better way to give them a reason to enforce martial law then to create the perception of civil war.

But I have heard people say that in order to enforce martial law they would have to go through protocols in order to do so. But if anyone has paid attention to current events, the governments around the world have ignored and pissed on constitutional rights and laughed at due processes. Anyone who thinks martial law is unlikely because of protocols have to be followed is just as naive as those who think government won’t infringe on your constitutional rights because they are supposed to follow the constitution. We are talking about criminals who are in control, not righteous leaders. They don’t give a damn about you and me and it is all about power and control, and they will stop at nothing! No doubt, if or when they enforce martial law, it won’t be the standard procedure, but a modified version unrolled in some crooked manner. And I forsee it being unrolled at first by our military and then taken over or supplemented by the United Nations. Hopefully this won’t happen, but don’t count it out simply because you are under the impression that the government will follow due process. Check out my video below where I discuss this further.

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