Watch Out for False Flag Attacks!!

What is a false flag attack? False flag is an old navy term that usually meant that you would put a flag on your own ship, that is a flag of an intended enemy that you want to go war with, such as a flag of their country or group, and then attack perhaps your own people or allies in order to then have the blame of the attack against the country or group that you want to go to war with. False flags are a very effective way to manipulate and get the support from the population to go to war when otherwise the people would not support it. False flag events have been used so many times and continue to happen that people usually have an awakening in their perception of reality when they get introduced to this evil means of manipulation by government. One proposed false flag event by the American government that thankfully got stopped by President JFK in 1962, called Operation Northwoods, was planned and approved by the Joint Chief of Staff and Department of Defense to have government agents from agencies such as the CIA to stage terrorist attacks on American cities, bomb American ships and an airliner, in order to blame Cuba and then declare war on Cuba. Thankfully it was stopped by President Kennedy, which a year later he was assassinated. Other false flags happen in other ways, such as government will put agents, called agent provocateurs, to infiltrate a group such as protesters, and work undercover by dressing up and blending in and then will do things like leading ignorant emotional mobs into being violent and destructive, such as burning down stores and businesses, looting, and beating people up. Not only do the CIA carry out such tactics, but also law enforcement has been known to use this tactic as well. One reason they have done this was to give themselves a reason to quickly put an end to unwanted protesting by putting their own agents among them to get rowdy in order to give themselves a reason to use the force necessary to bring “order out of chaos”. I remember years ago when independent journalist Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change was at the scene covering a protest that turned into riots. And while he was filming and covering the event on location he had what appeared to be a rioter come up to him and rough him up and knocked his camera out of his hand. As the “rioter” walked off he decided to stay back a ways and follow that rioter while filming him. He followed him back to a location to find that he was actually a police officer or an agent working with the police. That shocking event was my first ever introduction to this tactic. But this tactic is not only used to stop protesting, but it’s also used to throw fuel on the fire to bring about civil unrest to accomplish division amongst a population. This is very obvious in the most recent events that happened in the George Floyd event that sparked lots of civil unrest. As soon as rioting started happening I knew immediately that we were being played, and people were being manipulated into thinking that all the violence and rioting in areas was coming from angry black locals who were reacting against racism. But the same old tactic of bussing in agent provocateurs who were highly funded by scumbags like billionaires such as George Soros, were sent to cities where peaceful protesters were quickly infiltrated by implants who were leading mobs into riots. This type of false flag has a much more powerful objective than simply stopping protests. This false flag is to carry out a powerful means of manipulation called “divide and conquer.” This is an attack on the country, and needs to be understood by the population, otherwise we do what they want us to do and we develop more division among ourselves and give the government what they want, that is a reason to strip more liberties and freedoms away and to bring about a more police and military state form of government and perhaps spark civil war, which will only further their agenda.

The only way we can fight the false flags that are used to manipulate us is to inform ourselves to this reality and then to not fall for it every time so they can lead us into wars and civil unrest. Once we as citizens understand that we are not the enemy of one another but rather the true enemy is government, only then can we turn the divide and conquer agenda on its head and strive towards true freedom! Check out this excellent explanation by Mark Passio on agent provocateurs.

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