Pros and Cons of a Trump Win or Loss

When it comes to the presidential election, which is coming very soon, I think about all the possibilities of what we will see unfold afterwards. For those who are still believing in the left-right paradigm these days, these people still have faith in politicians, thinking that only if their side wins… I’ve been there in the past, only to be left very disappointed over and over. I don’t support either candidate, and I don’t think it matters too much in the big picture because politicians are nothing more than puppets who follow a script. And those who work behind the scenes in the Deep State, who are apart of the permanent government, are the ones who really call the shots. To begin to get our country back and to combat the tyranny that is being imposed upon us on a global scale, it is going to take WE THE PEOPLE, and no politician can or will turn things around even if they wanted to. As a matter of fact, faith in politicians is one of the hindrances that are keeping us enslaved and keeps us willing to set back while the chains of tyranny keep getting tighter. And that is most definitely the case with the patriots who are big supporters of Trump. They keep trusting in Trump so much that they fail to see all his empty promises and the scary things that he says he wants to do, like have the military give the Covid vaccines to the population. Conservatives still celebrate when he says things like he is going to have Hillary Clinton and the other criminals prosecuted, same old song and dance he said before the last election, only to immediately after the election say that the Clintons are good people and that Hillary had been through enough. He ran on the promises of draining the swamp but appointed slime like John Bolton right off the bat. And for Trump to wish the Satanic pedophile ring queen Ghislaine Maxwell well after she was taken into custody was beyond alarming. That is just the tip of the ice berg. After watching how powerless Trump looked during the Covid lockdowns, and for him to not make it top priority to keep the economy open and to fight against the government power grapping during that time showed me that he is nothing more than a puppet. He is the perfect guy to play the villain to the left and the savior for the right. And for Joe Biden, what a joke! In a fair and real election he is the perfect candidate to make sure you lose. He is obviously suffering from mental deterioration, not to mention being a career politician who has nothing to bring to the table other than he is not Trump. If it was a real election and not a selection then it would be obvious that the Democrat party is wanting to lose this election. But perhaps he is only being used to be a place holder for after a rigged election, then he could be replaced by someone else because of his mental faculties or lack there of.

But looking at the possibilities of what this election/selection can accomplish, there are some pros and cons of either candidate. If Trump wins then at least he might still have to throw some bones of appeasement to his supporters and at least say some of the things they want to hear every now and then. But being a second term president, he might do much less than that this time around since there won’t be the need to keep his supporters happy. Another pro if Trump wins is that the total WOKE takeover in the government will have to still be kept at bay in order to keep the illusion of democracy working on the people. But if Biden wins then the WOKE agenda will be put in full force, and total outward transformation will happen unhindered, which is exactly what the globalists of the Global Cabal plan to have. One pro if Biden wins, which may sound crazy, but would get the patriots to be ready to get into the state of mind of no longer sitting back and depending on Trump to save America, but to realize it’s going to take WE THE PEOPLE. Whatever that means, revolution, militia, etc., it’s going to take action. Had Hillary won last time then the patriots probably would have already done it and perhaps we would be in a better position then we are now because a stand would have had to have been made, unless the people would have just accepted their chains, which I am getting to wonder if America still has any of the DNA of freedom left. But if Biden wins, maybe Americans will take the necessary action to really fight tyranny head on. Otherwise we are headed towards a transformation that most of us do not want. It’s been happening under Trump, and the problem has been that his supporters, who are lovers of freedom, have set back thinking Trump will fix it. It’s far past that time to really get loud and rowdy, and maybe it will take a real wake-up call of watching their false savior removed. Either way, it is time to get serious and look at how our way of life is being stripped away very quickly.

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