Urgent! You Are Needed!!

You have a voice that the world needs to hear! You have skills, gifts, and passion, and it is time, now more than ever to share your truth. Freedom and liberty is under attack like never before and time is running out before we reach that point of no return. We are at the crossroads where we have to decide which direction we are going to go. No politician is going to save us. Get that thought out of your mind. It is going to take WE THE PEOPLE, and there is no other way. If you do not want facism and slavery for you and your children and grandchildren then it is time to start doing the work of fighting against it. Hopefully we are able to fight this war with ideas and information that enlightens minds to recognize that they are under attack, and avoid a physical fight that will lead to bloodshed. We are under attack as humanity from an enemy made up of government, the wealthiest and most powerful globalist loyalists made up of people and corporate and secret societies. Their plans for humanity is out in the open, and it is called the Great Reset. Look it up, they are telling us their plans and they have been telling us for a very long time. They are unrolling it now through this global crisis of Covid, and if you have not noticed that the world is being dramatically transformed then just roll back over and go back to sleep. Many people do recognize that something bad is happening and it is vital that we turn our thoughts into action.

First thing is get prepared. Learn to be self reliant as much as possible and get ready for the storm. But it is also vital to help others get ready as well. Make your voice heard and learn to use your gifts and skills to share information that will benefit others. Talk to people about current events in an effective manner. Also use social media in various ways however you can, such as making videos, blogs, websites, forums, etc. we are the new media, and getting out true information is our job now, because the mainstream media only weaponizes the narrative and has proven that it is the enemy of humanity and freedom of speech. Below is a video where I discuss all of this. Check it out!

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