The Dangers of Wearing Masks!!

There are numerous health risks for people wearing masks for hours a day. Little if any benefits come from wearing masks, and they do not prevent the spread of viruses, just read the box! But there are many health risks that people need to consider. Oxygen restriction causes extra strain on the heart and lungs. People are at a higher risk of heart attacks and lung problems. The constant recycling and incubating of a person’s own viruses and bacteria is causing people to get pneumonia and other respiratory problems. Constantly breathing your own carbon dioxide is another factor that causes dizziness and health issues. Oxygen deprivation leads to higher risks of cancer and long term cognitive problems, and no doubt we are going to see the rise of both in the future. Even OSHA has been saying that masks are bad for health if worn for long periods of time. But since people are told to wear them by the government and mainstream media they continue to not question being forced to do self harm. Watch the video below where I discuss this.

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