Your Voice Counts! Keep Pushing Harder!!

If your voice wasn’t making a difference then Big Tech and government would not be going crazy trying to silence you. They have waged war on humanity and they know that they will lose unless they control the narrative and for most people to blindly follow their dictates. They are ushering in global tyranny and they will succeed unless we aggressively continue to inform ourselves and others about what is really going on vs what they want us to believe is going on. The official narrative is a weapon and always has been and it is used to control people’s perception which in turn controls their behavior. It is up to us to question authority at all times, and let others know when the wool is being pulled over their eyes. The more extreme that tyranny becomes the more people are starting to take a second look at the real reasons why things are happening the way they are. Many people have started questioning the official narrative these days more then ever before and perhaps they are realizing that the world is run different than they may have thought. Check out my video where I go into more detail.

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