2 Rules For Seeking Information!!

As for me, I have two main criterias when seeking information about world events. First and foremost, when looking to understand what is happening in the world I consult those who have a distrust in the mainstream media. If a person only gets their “news” from the mainstream media and simply parrots that, then they are only relaying what the government (criminals) wants the population to believe. Understanding that the mainstream media is a propaganda machine, and knowing that only 6 interconnected corporations own all major newspapers and television networks, is an essential part of knowing why the mainstream media cannot be trusted. The second rule I follow when looking for information from sources is what their view on the left-right paradigm is. Do they believe in the illusion that in politics that the left and the right are two opposing sides that are at complete odds with one another and have two separate agendas? I look to consult views that have a basic understanding that the left and the right are 2 wings on the same bird. I look for views from those who don’t trust any politician from any side, and understand that politicians from both sides are not really opponents but rather business partners. Watch the video below where I discuss this more fully.

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