Reject the Lockdowns or it’s OVER!

As many people are aware we are heading into another round of lockdowns. Some of us have been fully aware that it was coming. Another lockdown will completely destroy the world economy and bring unimaginable poverty and death. That just happens to be the agenda of this Global Network that has orchestrated this whole COVID scam, because by destroying the independent livelihoods of the population that will create an ungodly dependency on government, not to mention that it will contribute to the depopluation of the world which is part of this psychopathic agenda of this Global Cabal. This is a global takeover, with the COVID scam as the Trojan Horse. And if we are going to have a chance to overcome and stop this agenda then it is going to take a massive pushback by the population to stand against Government and tell them to stick their lockdowns up their ass. I am serious as a heart attack! It is going to require each one of us to summon the courage to refuse shutting down our businesses and economy. If we don’t stand against it now wholeheartedly then we are DONE! Our futures and children’s futures and following generations will be under a global slavery system of Biblical proportions. It is now or never, and we must be willing to make whatever sacrifice necessary or it’s “welcome to the New World Order”. This is no joke, we are at war 100 percent, and it is psychopathic government vs humanity. I refuse to bow down and become a slave to the New World Order slavery system! Watch the video below where I discuss this more.

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