Super Truth Media Saturday 6/19/21


A BRIEF HISTORY OF HOPIUM June 18th, 2021. The Corbett Report
DAVID KNIGHT EXPLAINS HOW TRUMP LOCKED US DOWN! June 19th, 2021. Litteral Truth David Knight explains to John Litteral and Paddy how Trump locked the country down and funded it’s existence.
GMO HUMANS: COVID VACCINE IS NOT A VACCINE June 18th, 2021. Litteral Truth
REVOLVER DETAILS FBI AGENT PROVOCATEURS  June 18th, 2021. The David Knight Show It was obvious this was going to happen — I said it would be govt agent provocateurs not BLM or Antifa who would then use this to label conservatives as terrorists — Revolver gives the details that prove it
STATES REVOLT AGAINST FEDERAL GUN CONTROL June 18th, 2021. The David Knight Show Constitutional Carry, suppressors w/o fed permits, “Sanctuary State” for 2A — feds are not happy but there’s nothing they can do about any of it. It’s not just TX. There are 21 Constitutional Carry states and Missouri & Utah have declared they will oppose any attempts to enforce new federal gun laws by Biden
SOCIAL JUSTICE IS NOT JUSTICE June 18th, 2021 The David Knight Show It’s not new. Economist F.A. Hayek dissected the lies of “social justice” 50 yrs ago. This week the Southern Baptists moved toward it without really understanding. Pastor Voddie Baucham also explains it. Watch…
DOMESTIC GITMO PRISONS OPERATING INSIDE USA  June 18th, 2021. The David Knight Show Dana Gottesfeld,, on kangaroo courts and Gitmo like prisons (euphemistically called CMU, “Communication Management Unit”) being used for political dissidents (i.e. political opponents of the government)
BANKS PURGING CONSERVATIVES June 18th, 2021. The David Knight Show Not just PayPal but banking accounts of conservative news & commentators are being cancelled. Remember Obama’s Operation Chokepoint?
BUCKLE UP! URBAN DECAY WILL LEAD TO THIS… June 18th, 2021 We Are Change This report explains how bad things are getting in big cities in the US and an even bigger problem this is leading to.
THE ROCK N’ ROLL WARS ERUPT  June 18th, 2021. The Highwire with Del Bigtree Some of Rock’s greatest legends are publicly rejecting lockdowns and experimental vaccines. Others, like the Foo Fighters, are endorsing vaccine segregation.
SERIOUS ILLNESS ON THE RISE IN CHILDREN June 18th, 2021. The Highwire with Del Bigtree As the last remaining states lift mask mandates, alarming spikes in infections, illness, and mental health issues are being observed among children.
NEW STUDY EXPOSES DIRTY MASKS June 18th, 2021. The Highwire with Del Bigtree Del speaks with mask Subject Matter Expert, Megan Mansell, about the shocking findings from a new study that looked at clean masks after a single day of use.


Power Outside The Matrix: What it means

by Jon Rappoport


“Magneto” Protein: Genetically Engineered To Control Brains And Behavior


Flashback 2003: Pioneer Researcher Warned Against “Geoslavery”


UK Government Advisor: Mask Mandates Should Continue ‘Forever’


15 States Legislating To Strip Public Health Agency Powers


Technocrat Millionaire Unlocks Secrets Of The Mind


Thanks To Pandemic, “Climate Lockdowns” Are Now On The Horizon


Finally! Bill Introduced To Clamp Down On Big Tech Censorship


Next Up For AI: Learning How To Read Your Lips


Mercola On Convergence: Transhumanism And The Great Reset



DNA Wars: Privacy Being Destroyed At The Cellular Level


Pakistan Shuts Off Phone Service To Non-Vaccinated Citizens


MA Fusion Center Assists Setup For Live Monitoring Of Springfield Students

“Let’s Tone It Down For 24 Hours”: Columbus Leaders Ask Community to Not Murder Anyone On JuneteenthInformationLiberationJun 18Black leaders in Columbus, Ohio are calling on their community to not murder one another on Saturday in honor of the holiday of Juneteenth.
… (more)

Florida Man Does Burnout On ‘LGBTQ Pride’ Crosswalk, Gets Charged With Felony For ‘Defacing A Memorial’InformationLiberationJun 18A Florida man has been charged with a felony for doing a burnout on an “LGBTQ Pride” painted crosswalk in Delray Beach and may face even more charges under the terribly written anti-rioting act Ron DeSantis recently signed into law.
… (more)
Newark, NJ Takes Down Statue of Christopher Columbus, Erects Statue of George FloydInformationLiberationJun 18Newark, New Jersey took down a statue of Christopher Columbus last year only to put up a 700-pound bronze statue of convicted felon, armed robber, drug-addict and amateur porn star George Floyd.
… (more)
“Traitor!” Mike Pence Heckled by Crowd At Faith And Freedom Coalition SummitInformationLiberationJun 18Former VP Mike Pence was heckled and called a traitor by patriots at the Faith and Freedom Coalition summit in Florida on Friday.
… (more)
CDC Delays Emergency Meeting On Post-Vaccine Heart Inflammation to ‘Observe Juneteenth’InformationLiberationJun 18The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is delaying their “emergency meeting” on post-mRNA vaccination heart inflammation that was scheduled for Friday in order to observe the new federal holiday Juneteenth.
… (more)
GOP Senators Vote Unanimously to Make Juneteenth New ‘Independence Day,’ Despite Just 7% Support From GOP BaseInformationLiberationJun 18All Republicans in the Senate and the overwhelming majority of Republicans in the House joined with Democrats to make Juneteenth our new “National Independence Day,” despite a poll showing only 7 percent of Republicans support the move.
… (more)


The few can’t control the many if the many won’t h…

Epic: Black Dad Dismantles Critical Race Theory at School Board Meeting - FANTASTIC stuffVideo

Epic: Black Dad Dismantles Critical Race Theory at…

Game Over! This is The Revolution - David Icke on the influence of WetikoVideo

Game Over! This is The Revolution – David Icke on …

What's Going On? This Is Going On - David Icke Dot-Connector VideocastVideo

What’s Going On? This Is Going On – David Icke Dot…

Psychopath Hancock: NHS has a decreased duty of care for anti-vaxxersArticle

Psychopath Hancock: NHS has a decreased duty of ca…

What you really need to know about the death-rate of the fake 'vaccines' - please shareVideo

What you really need to know about the death-rate …

This Week On 'Right Now' - Among Others, Gareth Icke Talks To Barrister Frances Hoar and Care Home Nurse Carly Lou Mansfield About The Legality Of Mandatory VaccinationsVideo

This Week On ‘Right Now’ – Among Others, Gareth Ic…

Perceptions Of A Renegade Mind - The Brand New Book By David Icke - Available NowArticle

Perceptions Of A Renegade Mind – The Brand New Boo…


80,606 Accounts Shut Off in 2020; Media Outlet Seeks Detroit Residents Struggling to Pay Their Electric Bills

By B.N. Frank COVID mandates and restrictions have made it difficult and sometimes impossible for countless Americans to afford their bills.  One media outlet wants…READ MORE


Mortgage Companies Cash in on Pandemic Relief

By Doug French The nation’s billionaires are catching plenty of grief for profiting from the pandemic. All they are guilty of is providing services people…


$450M More for Company to Turn U.S. Troops into “Invincible Technomancers” via Artificial Intelligence

By B.N. Frank Expert warnings about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) continue to increase (see 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8).  For one thing –…


Who Is a “Terrorist” in Biden’s America?

By Whitney Webb Far from being a war against “white supremacy,” the Biden administration’s new “domestic terror” strategy clearly targets primarily those who oppose US…


Rambling Fed Triggers Gold/Silver Correction: Are Investors Being Duped?

By Mike Gleason Precious metals markets got absolutely slammed on Thursday.  The selling rout followed statements put out by the Federal Reserve suggesting that tapering…


Canadian Political Leader Arrested for Attending Small Anti-Lockdown Protest—Days After Trudeau Attended Massive Ontario Gathering

By Patrick Carroll Maxime Bernier, the leader of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), was arrested last Friday after speaking at an anti-lockdown protest in…


The Origin of SARS-CoV-2

David R. HendersonDavid R. HendersonCharles L. HooperCharles L. Hooper – June 18, 2021

“Based on what we know, the lab leak theory better fits the evidence. Even if this particular virus didn’t escape from a lab, government-funded bioweapon experiments are playing with fire and the next time a dangerous virus escapes, which will eventually happen, we may not be so ‘lucky’ as to escape with four million dead.” ~ Charles L. Hooper & David R. HendersonREAD MORE

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