But if we use anarchism how would we ever solve problem __________?

Transcription of Jack Spirko Q&A on Anarchy

So the biggest question that I always get about anarchism can basically generically be summed up as, “But if we use anarchism, how could we ever solve problem _____?” And what I would just like you to think about when you ask me that question is the fact that, with you asking me that question, tells me that we have that problem now. But that’s just all I want you to do, coming into this from the beginning is just think about that, if you’re like, boy, how would we fix the fact that some children don’t get a great education? So, you’re telling me some children don’t get a good education now. But how would we fix the problem when people are poor and homeless? Do we have poor homeless people now? So if you’re asking me how anarchism is going to fix a problem, that 1000s of years of statism has yet to fix as an objection to anarchism, then it’s not a very effective objection in my opinion. Now, I think it’s a completely valid thing to go okay, we’ve not yet solved this problem, we all agree this is a problem. The state does some things for this problem. What solutions might anarchism offer that could better solve this problem for us right now? And a lot of times you’ll find that the best work currently being done right now to solve that problem, doesn’t actually require the state a lot of times, like feeding homeless people. There’s people that go out and feed homeless people that are not paid by the state to do it. In fact, there’s people that have been put in jail for feeding homeless people. That’s not exactly solving the problem. There’s people that have tried to set up communities for homeless people as transitional communities using tiny houses and what have you, and some have been successful, but their largest impediment to ending up where you need them to be is the state. So, to want to know what solutions and Anarchy might offer to an individual problem is a totally valid question. And I would just say that it’s generally a good idea if you have a problem to have more than one solution to it, because then we can figure out what works best. With government we have one solution, the government will do it, and the government will control who else can do it, and how they can do it, and whether they can do it or not. That seems to me to be very limited. It would be like saying, “there’s only one way to make a basketball, and only one company should make a basketball. So, if you want a basketball, you’re going to have to buy it from Wilson basketballs, and we’re going to preset the price. We don’t do most other things in society that way.

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