(MONDAY)Alternative Freedom Media 9/20/21


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THE DAVID KNIGHT SHOW 20 SEP 2021 – PART 1 OF 2 The David Knight Show
THE DAVID KNIGHT SHOW 20 SEP 2021 – PART 2 OF 2 The David Knight Show
VICIOUS! THESE PEOPLE ARE FREAKING OUT!  September 20th, 2021. We Are Change This report breaks down the huge slap in the face the general public is taking as the special class of people gets to do what it wants.
BED SHORTAGES IN HOSPITALS, ARE THE UNVAXXED TO BLAME? September 20th, 2021. The Highwire with Del Bigtree The media and the Biden Administration are claiming hospitals are at their breaking point due to unvaccinated patients coming in with #COVID19, but is there another explanation?
FAUCI STILL DENIES NATURAL IMMUNITY IS SUPERIOR September 20th, 2021. The Highwire with Del Bigtree Study after study proves the strength of immunity in those previously infected by #Covid is stronger to those who are vaccinated. Even CNN’s resident medical talking head, Sanjay Gupta, recently questioned Fauci on growing evidence that natural infection trumps vaccine protection.
GENOCIDE VIA MEDICINE  September 20th, 2021. TheCrowhouse
RED DAWN COULD BE COMING SOON! LISTEN CLOSE  September 19th, 2021. Litteral Truth In this video I discuss how government could be cooking up a false flag attack on American citizens using Taliban, and it would “justify” martial law and taking away our guns.
SUMMARY OF FINDINGS OF THE CORONA INVESTIGATIVE COMMITTEE STATUS 09/15/2021 9/11-and-Other-False-Flags No one has more thoroughly investigated everything about the criminal covid enterprise than Dr. Reiner Fuellmich and his team. Dr. Fuellmich is a lawyer licensed in both Germany and the USA. Previously, he has defeated multiple giant corporations, while defending us common people. He is arguably the world’s greatest class action lawsuit experts in history. His German Corona Investigative Committee has been diligently analyzing more than 110 experts’ testimonies since July 2020.

WOW! THE FDA JUST OBLITERATED THE MAIN NARRATIVE! September 19th, 2021.We Are Change This video breaks down a huge and surprising decision by the FDA, as well as some very important economic developments.
FREEDOM FOR ALL PODCAST – EPISODE #22 September 19th, 2021. Joe Murray What I’ve been up to during my hiatus, Why my album has been put on hold, What’s to come from me, The total new world order takeover underway, Agenda 21/2030, The technocracy, Transhumanism, What’s going on with the jab, The digital passports, Mandated injections, The pure bread slaves that are creating our prison, How rights do not waver under any emergency or “health crisis”, The torture being imposed onto children, How the official narrative is crumbling by the day, How people are getting sick and dying from the shot, How the control system will fail, playing your role in the great work to end human slavery

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