(TUESDAY)Alternative Freedom Media 10/19/21


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HYPERSONIC MISSILE SURPRISE OR HYPE FOR ARMS RACE? October 19th, 2021. The David Knight Show Was military industrial complex caught by surprise or do “we welcome competition” as Jen Psaki said? Hold on to your checkbook as a new black hole of spending opens up for the Pentagon
COLIN POWELL DIES: IRAQ WAR WMD LIES & “PREEMPTIVE WAR” October 19th, 2021. The David Knight Show A preemptive war over a FAKE threat based on torture. Powell’s life reflects the national tragedy of what USA has become. Now Leana Wen, former Planned Parenthood CEO blames unvaxed as WMD’s but the end of his life is a picture of the FAKE threat of the pandemic and the “preemptive war” of governments against their own people today
MP ASSASSINATION USED TO PUSH END OF ANONYMITY ON INTERNET October 19th, 2021. The David Knight Show After Somalian terrorist (whose father worked for Somalian govt in 1990s like Ilhan Omar’s father, both fleeing to the West in the 1990s) kills MP, the UK govt wants to use the tragedy to BAN ANONYMITY on the internet as in China. Microsoft created a coalition to tie ALL internet content to the creator in Feb 2021.
THE BYSTANDER EFFECT – #SOLUTIONSWATCH October 19th, 2021. The Corbett Report The bystander effect describes a seeming paradox: the more people who are around to help in a given emergency, the less likely that any one individual will actually stop to help. Today James dives into the psychology underlying the bystander effect and explains how we can flip this quirk of human cognition on its head to help change the world for the better.
INTERVIEW: VAX/FETAL ETHICAL ISSUES MUCH BIGGER THAN 1963 CELL LINES October 19th, 2021. The David Knight Show Ongoing murder-for-hire by NIH & FDA, murder for #BigPharma R&D/testing of COVID vaccines and Regeneron Monoclonal. Julie Collorafi fetalindustry.com
PUBLIC EMPLOYEES PUSH BACK October 19th, 2021. The Highwire with Del Bigtree Police, Firefighters, Healthcare Workers and more are pushing back against Covid19 vaccine mandates, en masse.
HUGE: SOUTHWEST ACTUALLY STANDS DOWN!  October 19th, 2021. We Are Change This report explains Southwest’s huge decision and what this means for the corporate world and beyond.
CANADIAN NEUROSCIENTIST SPEAKS OUT AGAINST GOVERNMENT MANDATES FEAT. PROF CHRIS SHAW (TRUTH WARRIOR)  October 19th, 2021. dwtruthwarrior I will be speaking with Christopher Shaw, a Canadian neuroscientist/professor who is about to lose his career due to his refusal to take these experimental & very risky shots that the Canadian government is attempting to mandate nationwide.
He has decided to fight back & add his voice to the numerous scientists now speaking out against this scientific fraud & blatant breach of human rights.
Chris did his undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences at the University of California at Irvine, then a M.Sc. in Medical Physiology at the Hebrew University & a Ph.D in neurobiology at the same institution. Chris is the author of over 150 peer-reviewed articles, numerous book chapters & edited books, & has authored two books on neurological diseases & one on vaccine controversies.
COGNITIVE WARFARE: THE BATTLE FOR YOUR BRAIN [PART ONE] October 19th, 2021. ice.age.farmer NATO has taken aim at a new target: your brain. Their ‘Cognitive Warfare’ report describes a hybrid of biotech/nanotech, social engineering, information warfare & psychological operations, and total surveillance, with a stated goal of “harming brains” of even civilians, to impair cognition and disable critical thinking. We are approaching not just the end of free speech, but of free thought, by associating any questioning of the official narrative with “extremism” and “terrorism.” Christian breaks it down in this Ice Age Farmer broadcast.
SERIOUS ANTIBODY DROP AFTER VACCINE October 19th, 2021. The Highwire with Del Bigtree Multiple data points and science from numerous countries have exposed the Covid shot’s massive failure to stop infection.
Ep. 1992 Airline Employees Fight Back Against Mandates Oct 18, 2021 TomWoodsTV Airline pilot Josh Yoder joins me to discuss US Freedom Flyers, his new organization aimed at pushing back against the Biden vaccine mandates.
Doug Casey’s Take [ep.#159] Supply Crunch, Inflation, and the top 3 Western Hemisphere countries. Oct 19, 2021 Doug Casey’s Take If you like these podcasts, it’s time to join our email list. It’s quite possible that the censorship hammer will soon fall on us here. Listen for more details.

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