Christians Acknowledging End Times (or not)

By John Litteral

Even though we do not know the day nor hour when that time comes for when the Antichrist arrives for the Great Tribulation, we can see how the stage has been set with the creation of the State of Israel, the push for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple, the moral decline and falling away of humanity, the establishment of a One World government and New World Order, the “platform” for the Mark of the Beast, etc. Christians have interpreted the Bible passages that concern the Antichrist and the Great Tribulation for centuries, ever since the Bible (or sections of it in ancient times) has been circulated. Before Christianity was established 2000 years ago, ancient Jews identified an Antichrist figure in the Old Testament, especially in the book of the prophet Daniel. There has been a spectrum of interpretations on the passages found in the Bible, especially when it comes to Biblical prophecy and End Times study (eschatology), and there is not a universal perspective. I have been studying the Bible and eschatology for over 25 years, and I have researched it through the lens of a variety of positions. I spent ten years as a Fundamentalist Dispensationalist, ten years as a Roman Catholic, and 2 years as an Eastern Orthodox Christian, and within that time I spent many years studying Scripture and Biblical prophecy and highly consulting the writings of the Early Church Fathers, so my background in this area is very broad and eclectic. I have discovered that when considering the meaning of these passages on End Times prophecies, it is not only useful to study Scripture intensely from various Christian perspectives, but it is also quite helpful to learn and understand the beliefs and agenda of those who are most opposed to Christianity and who worship the chief enemy of Christ, that is, the cult that worships Satan. As mentioned above, the actions of the Satanic Cult that has controlled the world throughout history, and their New World Order agenda that is being rolled out, and their plans for where to take it, goes hand-in-hand with what the Bible says within the End Times prophetic texts. I find it astonishing and quite troubling how, considering the state of the world and the level of tyranny and all the obvious signs of the times, that many Christians fail to see or acknowledge it when it is right there in their own religious writings that they claim to uphold as the Word of God! I personally spent a few years in spiritual limbo, but was brought back in line to my faith in Christ and His teachings by seeing how the stage has been set for the Mark of the Beast and the New World Order. As mentioned above, I spent ten years as a Fundamentalist Dispensationalist, which is a religious ideology that deals with eschatology in a very “futurist” manner, and has an expectation for End Times prophecies to be fulfilled almost “sooner than later”. In my opinion, Fundamentalist Dispensationalist ideology has some issues that I find problematic (that I deal with in my book), but there are some expectations of prophecies that I think they often handle correctly. I spent ten years as a Roman Catholic, and continued to research eschatology through the lens of Catholicism with just as much excitement as I did the previous ten years, but accepted and embraced (at the time) the common Catholic perspective on eschatology. A key discovery in my studies that ultimately led me to Catholicism was discovering the writings of the Early Church Fathers, who are the early Christians of the Christian faith, within the first eight centuries. I especially studied eschatology from the ancient Christian perspective, which developed over the centuries and was less systematic and less dogmatic than modern Fundamentalist Dispensationalism, with some significant different eschatological views. Then after ten years as a Roman Catholic, I converted to the Eastern Orthodox Church, which is quite similar to Roman Catholicism, and even had a less significance and concern for End Times studies, which is probably a trait that exists due to the fact that the Eastern churches of the early centuries of Christianity were quite hesitant to accept the book of Revelation as canonical Scriptures.

I mention all of this experience I got in various Christian systems of thought for a reason. Because I spent a few years in limbo, which was a time that I was picking up another area of research with just as much intensity for seeking truth, and that is the area of alternative research, and studying and researching what many people consider conspiracy theories. I had actually began researching this area since 2015, but it got more intense when I was in “limbo” because all my focus was on that. During this time, I discovered so many different world views, and so much information about who controls the world and manipulates the world population, with an agenda for world control and a New World Order. What I discovered is that so many non-Christian independent researchers who are exposing the agenda of these enemies of humanity, the Satanist Illuminati, and what they were doing, and where they were taking the world, was so similar to what I learned in my End Times studies years ago. The similarities were so striking and obvious that it was undeniable for me and caused me to rethink my worldview and spiritual views and make some adjustments, almost taking me full circle. So, I guess in a weird way, the greatest enemies of Christ had a huge influence on me to put my trust back into Him with as much, if not more passion as I did before! God works in mysterious ways, using my time in limbo to train me in an area of research that enhanced and supplemented my years of Biblical research.

As I look at so many “Christians” and churches today, who appear oblivious to what is currently going on in the world, and have completely dropped the ball in their God-given duties to be the light exposing darkness, it reveals to me that Satan has accomplished the job of making “Christian” churches impotent, and even worse, agents for his New World Order agenda. As they comply with tyranny and peddling the Satanic agenda while playing church, instead of exposing what is going on and being a force that could turn everything around quickly, the world is being transformed into a global totalitarian dictatorship like the world has never seen. Mark Passio brilliantly says…

“At this time in history, doing nothing regarding the ongoing destruction of human freedom is complicity with such evil. How many so-called Christians are speaking openly about such dynamics in our world? One cannot go to many churches throughout the world and hear about the Globalist Agenda for a Dark New World Order of slavery. So-called ‘Christians’ barely discuss such topics, let alone attempt to get down to the root causal factors of evil. Even fewer attempt to expose it. They say nothing and they do nothing. Real Christians do the great work of creation by exposing the works of Darkness for all to see, hear and understand. If you’re NOT doing that work, you’re NOT a Real Christian.”1  

This may seem like impossible odds for Christians to stand in this age and make any difference against this kind of apocalyptic tyranny on earth, and that we should not even bother standing against it but rather wait for God’s plan to unfold. But I don’t think it is impossible to stand against it and make a difference on this earth against the New World Order agenda, “For with God nothing will be impossible.” (Luke 1:37) And God does not want us to sit back and not try to prevent it from happening either. Nor will it take everyone who professes to be Christians to take action, because that will never happen, nor has it ever. It always took just a remnant of God’s people to actually make miracles happen. Michael Tsarion once gave a wonderful illustration of this when talking about how it only took a remnant during the War of Independence to fight off the biggest tyranny of that day…

“The masses have never cared. But do you remember in the War of Independence, how many people in America who stood up against the biggest tyrant of that age, King George the Third, who was the biggest, and had mercenaries from Germany, from Holland on his back, and came on over here to tell your American forefathers, just 200 years ago, what they’re going to do? Just three percent of this country stood up and threw them back into the Atlantic Ocean. That’s proof positive. What was everybody else doing? Shivering under their beds with fear, waiting for it all to go away. So, I’m not one of these New Age people who believes we’re going to wake up the people all the time. That’s never going to happen. You don’t need to bother about it. People are pretty much not going to get it. They’re going to go about their boring life the way they always have. This is an intellectual fight. This is a spiritual fight between agencies, Principalities, which is what the Bible calls it.”2

Practical solutions are 1) Morality. “As the morality of humanity collectively increases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more free. And as the morality of humanity collectively decreases, humanity collectively becomes and remains more enslaved.”1 2) Prayer. “The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much. Elijah was a man with a nature like ours, and he prayed earnestly that it would not rain; and it did not rain on the land for three years and six months. And he prayed again, and the heaven gave rain, and the earth produced its fruit.” (James 5:16-18) Michael Tsarion also gave some practical suggestions…

Each person needs to take personal responsibility. I go into them with more elaboration in my books, but what people can do, some of them that’s obvious, which is, identify the enemy, collaborate, legally empower yourself, use technology to advance this knowledge, because it’s going to happen from the underground. Don’t wait for big brother to go, ‘Hey, tell us all about it. You know, we’ll give you millions and fund it.’ It’s going to be individuals on a grassroots level… bloggers, independent channels… people are crying out for alternative information.”2


1 Mark Passio, Presentation “Fake-Ass Christians”, This presentation was originally given in Philadelphia, PA on June 24, 2017. Associate Producer Leiha Boone. Video Recording by Becca Martin and Sean McCann. Video Editing by Jeff Ritter. Selected Artwork by Sethikus Boza.

2 Michael Tsarion, interview on the Christ Pirillo Show, BLOOD RITUALS & THE OCCULT, 2005

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