The Occult Connection by Fritz Springmeirer

By Fritz Artz Springmeier

THE CONNECTION (16 JAN ’22) What if I were to tell you that bankers, royalty, communists, Nazis (future ones), occultists & other important folks all quietly got together at a conference put on by Luciferians (the OTO & the Theosophical Society) held in Switzerland on Aug 15-25, 1917 prior to the Oct. 1917 Russian Revolution & the Jan. 1919 founding of the Nazi party!?! Yeah buddy!! The name of the conference was “Anational Congress for Organizing the Reconstruction of Society on Practical Cooperative Lines”.This conference was held near the southern Swiss town of Ascona which sits on Lake Maggiore on a mountain called Monte Veritas. The place contains dozens of buildings & Luciferian & pagan temples. The OTO sponsored the Ascona Conference; & their conference program carried on the front page the slogan: “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law.”

THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY. The Theosophical Society has included Illuminati members & key historical figures incl.: HPB, Anne Besant, Alice Bailey ( fndr of over 100 new age groups & est. modern U.S. education), Manly P. Hall, Adolf Hitler, Mahatma Gandhi & many others. Around 1900, the Society est. a Theosophical monastery at Monte Monesia (which they renamed Monte Verita–“mountain of truth”). It’s in the Swiss Canton of Ticino where Italian is spoken. Interestingly, the Viscounti family, which I exposed, influenced this area after 1400. Anyway, the monastery was a commune where free sex, nudism, occultism, socialism, & vegetarianism was practiced. Fidus created Luciferian temples, which he planned to replicate when Hitler won the next war. Freemason Theodor Reuss built his Verita Mistica (VM) OTO lodge at the monastery also.

OTO. There are 4 organizations that carry this name. The most powerful one is a distillation of Illuminati occult power (as you will see later when I name some of the attendees). OTO members who attended this conference incl.: Isadora Duncan (an Amer. from San Francisco), Franz Hartmann, Rudolf von Laban, Gustav Nagel, Rudolf Steiner (Mason & fndr Anthroposophie), & Theodor Reuss.

COMMUNISTS & ANARCHISTS at the conference. The socialist Raphael Friedeberg was on hand to welcome the communists. Even though Lenin was supposedly in Finnland, he & Trotsky were actually at this conference. So was Michael Bakunin & his friends. Bakunin had butted heads with Marx. (All these men had studied Hegel!) To continue…Hugo Ball (the Anarchist fndr. of Dadaism), Ernst Toller (fndr & pres. of Bavarian Socialist Republic), Erich Mühsam, and Frieda & Else von Richthofen.Future NAZIS at the conference: Baron Eduard von der Heydt (Banker), Stefan George (an occultist/theosophist who created lots of Nazi theory incl. ” The 1000 yr. Reich”), Fidus (Hugo R.K.J. Höppener) and last on my list (but not least) Rudolf von Sebottendorf (1875-1945). Von Sebottendorf (born Adam Glauer) was a major player in the creation of the Nazi party. He joined the Germanen Order, and then created an offshoot the Thule Society, whose membership looks like a who’s who of the future Nazi party. Members of the Thule Society created the German Worker’s Party in Jan 1919 and Hitler joined later that year & changed its name, which when abbreviated is “Nazi”. It’s said von Sebottendorf trained Hitler. He was an occultist, theosophist, Sufi & Freemason.

INFLUENTIAL WRITERS at the conference: Hermann Hesse, Franz Kafka, Eric Maria Remarque, & Leo Tolstoy.MAJOR PSYCHOLOGISTS at the conference: Otto Gross (who not only was a student of Freud, but influenced both Freud & Jung), & Carl Jung (who was led by the demon Philemon).

SOME OTHER ATTENDEES OF NOTE: King Leopold II of Belgium ( Qn. Victoria’s Cousin & Illum.), Prince Wilhelm von Preußen (son of the German emperor), witch Mary Wigman, occultist Max Weber, Walter Segal ( a Jewish green architect), & Gustav Stresemann (a mason & chancellor of the Weimar Republic).

MODERN TIMES. After this meeting, Theosophists move to Calif. In the 1960’s, with help from the CIA, theosophists recreated their Ascona lifestyle in California. This was the start of the Hippie movement. Gypsy Boots (1915-2004) is a Theosophist whose an example of this. He was promoted by bands & Hollywood. Hans Habe, an American intelligence agent in psychological warfare & Theosophist moves to the Ascona monastery. He, by the way, married the heiress of General Foods. In Ascona, the Museum of Modern Art displays the art of Paul Klee & Alexej von Jawlensky, both attendees of the conference.

FINAL THOUGHTS. These kinds of conferences have gone on throughout history. They are evidence of the Illuminati’s hidden hand behind the events of history. While God remains ultimately in control, these people have sold their souls & minds to Lucifer. Now you know.

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