By Fritz Artz Springmeier (3 FEB ’22)

I generated a lot of information on this subject beginning in 1990 with my book The Watchtower & the Masons. Four more books followed with even more information. I had the privilege to expose that C.T. Russell, founder of the WT Society, was a Knight Templars Freemason from an Illuminati bloodline who was funded by the Rothschilds. Further that his organization’s leadership (WT Society) have continued to practice the occult incl. doing Satanic rituals even to this day. This post is an extension of the material found in my 5 books written in the early 90’s. (I’ve also shared additional info on this subject in other posts.)

THE IMPORTANCE OF THE WT SOC. Now the Jehovah’s Witnesses may seem to be a fringe group with no connection to your life, but they have industriously gone door to door globally and hyped & warned about Armageddon. (Obviously, the Illuminati want the whole world to fear Armageddon.) The WT Soc. is making a global impact.

CATHOLIC NATIONS & THE WT SOCIETY. In strong Roman Catholic countries, the JW’s (Jehovah’s Witnesses) are often seen as the only legitimate alternative, because they attack Catholic idolatry & paganism. In just Rome, It., there are 900 Roman Catholic churches (not to mention the Vatican & pope within it too). 96% of Italians were baptized as infants into the R. Catholic church, however only 83% identify as Catholic. There are 250,678 JW publishers (400,000 Italian JWs counting children too) in Italy. This means 1 in 241 persons in Italy are JWs.(A) San Marino, a small landlocked nation in Italy has 1 JW per 179. In Poland it’s 1 JW per 341, and in Spain 1 JW per 393. Contrast that w/ Germany at 1 in 502 & the USA 1 in 268. The point is that in these staunch Catholic nations, the JWs have a relatively strong presence.

RANK & FILE. So many JWs in the rank & file joined the WT Society to escape occultism! How surprised they’d be to learn that their top leadership ( WT president & “anointed” Governing Board) are totally corrupt, involved in alcohol & unbiblical sex, not to mention satanic rituals & Illuminati mind control. Perhaps the top witness (but not the only one) to go public about all this is Veronica.

VERONICA. She participated in occult rituals with WT president Fred Franz where animals were sacrificed. Her father Arden Hanson was a Freemason & a JW elder. Both of her uncle’s were into witchcraft, pedophilia & are JWs. (By the way, I knew an ex-JW Hanson in Portland in 1991+, who was a programmed multiple.)

BRENT. One of Veronica’s uncle’s was Fred Franz’s right hand man when Freddie got old. Her relative Brent Hanson (one of her abusers) worked at WT HQ (called Bethel) & he practiced witchcraft. (By the way, one of Bethel’s libraries was stocked with lots of witchcraft books.) Brent murdered his bro., his wife & unborn child in Dec, 2021 in SD. Brent lived in Ortonville, Minn. because the congregation of 35 publishers was corrupt & into witchcraft. Ortonville, MN has a population of about 2,000 & is the county seat. It is near SD. This small Kingdom Hall has several in prison for pedophilia or rape. This follows the pattern I discovered that some small towns are dark havens for Satanists. Veronica’s uncle Brent Hanson moved from Ortonville to Milbank, SD in order to hide his witchcraft even better. He owned Hanson Salvage in Milbank.(B)

SARAH. Ortonville has more than the occult & pedophilia in the Kingdom Hall. Sarah Hart, who graduated from Ortonville’s High school, had a lesbian wife & 6 adopted children. Her children were described as “trained robots”. On 26 MAR 2018, Sarah murdered her entire family by intentionally driving off a cliff. She died also. It was obvious to the investigation that she murdered intentionally.

KNIGHT TEMPLARS. Something that has raised some eyebrows is the WT Soc.’s recent moves to places assoc. with the Knight Templars. They moved their English branch to Temple Farm, Essex, Eng. which is a historic Knight Templars site. Remember that the Knight Templars were the guardians of the Illuminati’s holy Merovingian bloodline. The other site is their new HQ at Warwick, NY namesake of Warwick, Eng. the site of a Preceptory (moat & manor) of the orig. Knight Templars. The road at Warwick is 1 Kings Dr. alluding to Solomon’s temple. (The Masonic twin towers appear, by the way, on the cover of Pastor Russell’s motion picture “Photo Drama of Creation”.)

C.T. RUSSELL. In his 1909 sermon “The Lord’s Secret Society” Russell talks about being a Freemason. In a conference, he tells his fellow International Bible Students (they hadn’t received the name Jehovah’s Witnesses yet) about their masonic connections: “Is not that what is bringing us so much blessing in the study of God’s Word as International Bible Students? It is. So I am glad to address delegates especially here from the Bay cities, and also incl. some 35 states represented in the excursion party. I am very glad to have this particular opportunity of saying a word about some of the things in which we agree with our Masonic friends, because we are speaking in a building dedicated to Masonry, and we also are Masons. I am a Free Mason. I am a Free and accepted Mason if I may carry the matter to its full length, because that is why our Masonic brethren like to tell us…Now I am a Free and accepted Mason. I trust we all are.” (C)

REFERENCES. (A) Secular & WT stats are used in this paragraph; they may or may not be accurate. They are used for discussion sake. (B) Alessandro Vitiello sent me this info on Veronica and the Knight Templars’ JW sites & the WT & the occult (C) p. 914 of Transcriptions.

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