(5 FEB ’22)

By Fritz Artz Springmeier

The foundational occult thinking supporting most of the fraternities (like Freemasonry) is Kabbalah. (A) It may come as a surprise to many that the Kabbalah prophesied that mankind would find salvation by being connected to what we now know as the Internet & Beast computers!

THE VILNA GAON. It’s quite a shocking realization that the elite are fulfilling Kabbalistic prophecy, at least the prophecy of an Ashkenazi genius & Kabbalistic scholar known as the Vilna Gaon, whose name was Elijah Ben Solomon Zalmon (1720-1797). In recent years his secret teachings on the Cabala have been published in English. First, in 1968, the 200 yr. old secret book Kol Ha Tor (B) by one of the Vilna Gaon’s disciples (Rabbi Hillel Rivlin of Shklov) was published. Then in 1990, Rabbi Joel David Bakst of Jerusalem published his 2 volume work on the Vilna Gaon’s secret doctrine.(C)

GEN X,Y&Z FORETOLD. (D) I really don’t understand what the differences are between the various Kabbalistic teachings such as Hermetic Kabbalah v. let’s say Theosophical Kabbalah; so I don’t know how widespread the Vilna Gaon’s prophecies are taught & believed. I do know that the GRA synagogue in Jerusalem follow his teachings. And another shocking fact is that the Vilna Gaon said Generation X,Y,&Z would happen just prior to the transformation, which would be Gen T! who are coming into puberty as the World currently transforms into the New World Order. So who came up with the labels Gen X (1965-1980 born post-boomers), Gen Y (millennials bn. between ’81-’97), and Gen Z (bn. between ’97-2012)?? It would seem someone into Kabbalistic prophecies did!

GEULAH. This is the era of eschatology & “salvation”. We are, according to the teachings of the Vilna Gaon, in the Geulah.

In Kabbalah, the development of science & technology is a holy sacrament that will allow mankind self-salvation. Codes & occult concepts will permit mankind to discover the rules which operate the world. (It reminds me how Freud’s ideas were based on Cabala.) The Vilna Gaon taught that technology & progress would connect people to the sacred so that mankind could rebuild paradise on earth. Two messiahs would be sent to earth to help humanity elevate & transform itself into paradise (utopia). He taught that wisdom from above was Kabbalah, & wisdom from below was technology. Both needed to merge to gain global redemption. In our lifetime, we’ve seen this merger.

MASHIACH BEN YOSEF. The no. of this messiah is 999 (also known as sefira Yesod), & is related to the Kabbalah’s angel Metatron. In fact, at times the angel Metatron is this messiah. Often Hollywood movies or TV shows cast Metatron as an important angel. However, in the conspiracy novel Reality (by DC Wince in 2019) Metatron is the name of an AI Supercomputer used by “the Syndicate” to dominate the world. (Metatron is also an Islamic angel aka “angel of the veil”.)

MESSIAH’S END FORM IS THE BEAST COMPUTER SYSTEM. The end form of messiah Ben Yosef is the construction of a global supermeta-system that will function as a database of universal knowledge, containing & explaining, integrating & synthesizing the path of planetary transformation. This Beast computer system will be according to Cabala the literal Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil. To gain salvation, humanity must use this global database based on what we now call the Internet. All people need to connect via the combination of the Cabala & science. (E) Later the 2nd messiah arrives & takes humanity to the next level: immortality.

ANOTHER PROPHECY OF THE VILNA GAON. We will learn about a 4th dimension. (F) That explains CERN!

THE KABBALAH’S UROBORO. You are aware of the Illuminati’s symbol of a snake swallowing it’s tail; but the Cabala has a different version. In its uroboro version the serpent splits into 2 tails which means polarized singularity (dialectics) which is called Leviathan, which equals the “higher dimensional shape of reality”. Wow! Yes!



(A) Edith Star Miller repeatedly brought this out in Occult Theocracy

(B) It translates Call of the Turtle Dove

(C) Bakst, Joel David. The Secret Doctrine of the Gaon of Vilna: The Josephic Messiah, Leviathan, Metatron & the Sacred Serpent. Vol. 1&2. City of Luz Publications, 1990.

(D) Vol. 2, p. 105

(E) Vol 2, p. 111

(F) Vol. 2, p. 78.

One thought on “KABBALAH & THE BEAST COMPUTERS (Fritz Springmeier)

  1. Greetings (Fritz?),

    Interesting article…I agree that the computers, internet and AI comprise ( in large part) the Beast system….perhaps even the ‘Image of the Beast’. And, of course this fulfills the ‘Increase in Knowledge’ of the End Times. Biblically however, the Beast will make war against the Most High at the very end of this system of things. Ultimately, this seems to reflect that Satan has marshaled technology in an arrogant attempt to fight against the God of the natural universe. In your Cabalistic description of events, Mankind must become part of the Beast system in order to attain salvation. This seems antithetical to the urging to not take ‘the Mark of the Beast’. How do you respond to this?



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