By Fritz Artz Springmeier (14 FEB ’22)

God’s Word shows He can supercede the Newtonian laws of travel. (A) We’ll look at a relevant example soon. I also know from an ex-Illuminati member & another reliable witness that the Illuminati have been deeply researching Quantum physics, and already have developed a quantum telephone & quantum computers. They are also researching teleportation based on quantum physics. This is the subject of this post.

DEFINITION. Teleportation is when matter (or energy) is dematerialized at pt. A & recreated at pt. B instantly. Some mistakenly think this is still sci-fi. According to quantum science, there is no barrier to teleporting a person except for the development of the technology. It’s just like when scientists knew atomic energy could be created, but they knew it would require lots of technology.

ACTS 8:36-40. God instructs Philip to travel through the desert from Jerusalem to Gaza. Because only the southern route goes thru desert, that route fits the description. Near Hebron (at Bethsura or Beth horon) there is water. The eunuch being evangelized by Philip sees water & asks to stop & be baptized. Upon baptizing, “the Spirit of the Lord caught away Philip, that the eunuch saw him no more…But Philip was found at Azotus.” (B)(Azotus was the Greek name for the city of Ashdod 50 miles away.) The eunuch was so joyful, the disappearance of Philip didn’t faze him.

QUANTUM & THE ILLUMINATI’S CHILDREN. Both the NSA & the CIA are secret societies birthed by the Illuminati; & both are researching Quantum & quantum computers. In 2014 alone the NSA spent $80 million looking for a quantum computer. In a doc publicly released by the NSA we read: “Small lab-scale examples of quantum computers have been built. Some larger systems have also been proposed that can address some types of computation, but which may not be suitable for analyzing cryptographic algorithms.”(C)

Scotsman & Freemason Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (D) (1859-1930) was also a Knight of the Order of St. John & a devote spiritual mystic. He published his novel “The Disintegration Machine” in 1927; it was about teleportation. Note, this was 4 yrs. before Charles Fort in 1931 coined the term “teleportation”.

In 1993, an atheist researcher Charles H. Bennett, working for the Illuminati’s IBM proved/discovered that teleportation can be done. In 2004, it was publicly announced that atoms of calcium & beryllium had been teleported. A few years later it was announced that beams of matter were applied to cold atoms at the BEC state (3°K which is slightly above absolute 0° K). These shot a pulse light down a fiber optic cable & recreated the original on the other end.

CHINA. Red China built a 92 acre quantum research center at the cost of $10 billion. It’s called Nat. Lab. For Quantum Information Sciences. 2 companies in China make Quantum computers (Alibaba & Baidu). They claim they have the world’s most powerful Quantum computers in the world: Jiuzhang 2.0 & Zuchongzi. IBM says their Eagle can beat theirs (announced Nov. 16, 2021).

FINAL THOUGHTS. God can supercede the Newtonian Laws of Travel, whether by Quantum physics or some other means. The Illuminati have been working hard to develop quantum technology. This tech, once rolled out & used, would completely changed the world, & give them godlike powers. If the World survives 50 more years, it will be radically different from today in many ways!


(A) Two examples: JN 6:16-21, where Christ got in a boat & it “immediately” reached shore. And also ACTS 8:36-40.

(B) ACTS 8:36-40

(C) NSA: “Quantum Computing and Post-Quantum Cryptography FAQ’s”, p.1

(D) He was a member of the Phoenix Masonic Lodge no. 257 at Southsea.

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