By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(20 FEB ’22)

Unfortunately you need to read this, because this unknown but ongoing genocide casts a dark shadow over all of us. This is a difficult post for me to write as the reality of the deliberate murder of many millions greatly saddens me. But I will write it, because this crime has basically gone unexposed. I want to do more than expose, but also to begin to check this silent murder which is happening now on such a vast, hard to grasp scale. Bear in mind there has been an ongoing cover-up!

WHY TALK NOW? Because the events of the last two yrs. may prevent people’s minds from going into denial. If people are ever going to be open to the truth, it may be now!

PART OF THE PROBLEM. Med research is no longer honest, but is performed to please big business (& stroke the egos of researchers). Big money has totally corrupted med research. The med establishment has been co-opted by the elite for their agendas. Good intentioned candidates for doctors & nurses follow what they are taught & use the guidelines laid down for them, often unaware of how cleverly warped the system is.

WHAT HAS HAPPENED Beginning in the late 1890’s, cities began experimenting with the use of chlorine to “purify” their water supplies. By the 1920’s the practice of putting chlorine into city water supplies was widespread & continues to this day. What is not well known is that heart attacks & strokes were unknown before chlorine was added to the water!! People, like the Eskimos, who ate extremely high amounts of highly saturated fats knew nothing of heart attacks & strokes. They were immune.

CUTTING TO THE CHASE. Chlorine is the primary cause of atherosclerosis (also known as hardening of the arteries by the gradual accumulation of certain fatty substances embedded in the inner walls of arteries). This then leads to the blocking off of arteries (known as occlusion) in diseased arteries. This then leads to heart attacks & strokes & other health issues like senility. Historically, the few populations in those few places with unchlorinated water like Roseto, PA, were exempt from heart attacks & strokes, until these people would move to places w/ chlorinated water.

RESPONSE. It took about 10 yrs. minimum for the effects of chlorine on people’s bodies to start to show up. Since the ’30’s, heart attacks & strokes have become commonplace. So common that heart attacks are the leading cause of death in the U.S.

CHECK THIS OUT. Consider these stats: 659,000 Americans die each year from heart attacks & 795,000 have strokes. 87% of all strokes block blood flow to the brain. The entire combat deaths of Americans in WW2 was only 291,557 & even looking at total deaths (incl. medical etc.) there were only 405,399. In other words, the annual deaths from heart attacks vastly outstrips all our losses in WW2! In 2019, 629,898 abortions were reported to the CDC. So this silent holocaust is slightly worse than abortion.

MAFIA RESPONSE. In response the med establishment created a false narrative about cholesterol, and began to scam & kill people with dangerous statin drugs to “prevent” heart attacks & strokes. The book “The Greatest Scam In Medical History: Statin Drugs…” says on pg. 1: “The annual revenue for two Statin Drugs is 34 billion dollars. The makers of these two drugs provide false scientific evidence, lies, and misleading propaganda to keep these drugs on the market.”

In 1967, the true primary cause of heart attacks (which is chlorine) was exposed by Dr. Joseph M. Price. (A) Studies back what he said. Soldiers in war zones where they drank heavily chlorinated water quickly ruined their arteries. All this was silently covered up!

There you have it, untold suffering & mass murder for decades, with a false narrative on why people were dying, & then an expensive dangerous “cure” to help kill people under the guise of helping them, all the while making Pharma, the medical mafia, & the elite filthy rich.

I’m sorry all this happened & I had to write this. Lord have mercy!


(A) Price, Joseph M., M.D. “Coronaries/Cholesterol/Chlorine” Alta Enterprises, 1969. (By the way, Joe Imbriano is practically the only one warning of chlorine’s dangers.)

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