THE HIVE MIND (Fritz Springmeier)

By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(20 FEB ’22)

The elites’ brave new world plans are to unite everyone & everything to the Beast computers. We have already made great strides in that direction. This post has some thoughts on where mankind is being taken.

THE PERSONAL TOUCH. Think about holding your lover’s hand, or for some of us, experiencing our healing energy going forth from our hands, like a therapeutic massage. There is nothing like the power of touch, and a machine is not going to replace that. “Thank you for shopping with us”, the recorded message droned, as I left a store I used for its restroom facility. Technology can imitate people, but it’s a poor sub for real humans, like kissing a mannequin.

THE DIVINE TOUCH. Have you felt God’s hand on your life. I know numerous people whose lives were miserable wrecks, & then they felt the love of God & their lives went from disasters to joyful abundant lives. This is why Christ’s followers sing, “Love lifted me.” And “There is sunshine in my soul today.” And “There is glory in my soul!” And for a final example: “There my burdened soul found liberty.” Because we have a friend in Jesus, we sing, “Put your hand in the hand of the man who calmed the sea.” Frankly, the Beast computer is not a replacement for our wonderful Creator, whose loving nature is seen in His great, wonderful creation, & what He’s done in our lives.

SPECIALIZED & INTEGRATED. Workers produced in factories will be designed & programmed for specialized roles, like ants or bees. Each will do his or her specialty well. For instance, a military cyborg will be far more athletic than an Olympic athlete & will have self-healing abilities.

A higher caste of technocrats will have slightly more freedom of mind, & will serve to keep the system functioning. If we see an ant hive, we notice that it is nearly one mind cooperating for the success of the hive. The workers don’t do anything for themselves, and don’t reproduce. In the future, reproduction will be the domain of the state.

Like a swarm of bees making decisions, everyone will be a cyborg linked to Beast computers, so that a collective mind decision is made. This is why the elite controllers today are researching wireless communication between computers & people, between 2 people, incl. telepathy. Along with specialization, they need greater integrated cooperation. The long term result is that the individual loses moral responsibility & consciousness.

SOCIAL MEDIA, CELL PHONES & THE WEB. All these things are precursors to this universal hive mind. A collective consciousness (World Mind) is developing from the interconnections of the Internet with about 10 billion computers connected to it, &13.8 billion devices (like a modern tractor or car) connected, along with 4.95 billion human users (currently 62.5% of humanity). The average global user spends 7 hrs. per day on the Internet. It’s said that each day brings in half a million new Internet users. (Cities & organizations are a collection of minds & also take on a life of their own.)

ALGORITHMS. The Beast computer system has algorithms that analyze…similar to the algorithm Google used (called Page Rank) to decide what net pages to show. When Google ranks a page low, it’s really like your mind deciding that certain info is so insignificant that you simply forget it. So the Beast system is taking on some aspects of the human mind, analysis. It also is getting an emotional response by our collective responses….and that is also like a sense organ. So the collective mind of the Beast computer will take all it’s inputs & rank it’s info & choices. Our present minds do a similar thing.

A great deal of mind control research has been done in order to read our minds, trigger memories in a person, measure our vital signs, neurotransmitter levels, hormonal levels etc. Chips already monitor & send data from a person.

WHAT WENT WRONG? I have repeatedly read the “Party line” that the collective mind is superior to any single person. But what if after all the Illuminati’s hard work for decades, the Beast computer turns out to be an idiot. Think about it. Garbage in, garbage out. The mob mentality is not superior. If you have a collection of idiots feeding into the collective mind ( people like Joe Biden and Libtards who don’t know how many sexes there are), plus groups like CNN get ranked high in the algorithm, you could conceivably end up with a moronic, idiot BEAST computer.

UTILITY MONSTER. Philosopher Robert Nozvik described this hive minded computer as “the utility monster”, where it is utilitarian to sacrifice our own utility in the service of the utility monster.

The idea of a collective mind goes way back. A novel in 1851 talks about the idea of a World Collective Mind connected by electricity (its title The House of Seven Gables).

The goal of the Illuminati is portrayed in Startrek with the Borg cyborg race. The Borgs were originally like humans & developed into cyborgs via nanotechnology. They are linked to a hive mind called “the Collective”. They forcibly transform people into drones by injecting nanoprobes.

The book “I Robot” by Isaac Asimov has a mega computer managing only a quadrant (a quarter of earth). Perhaps in our future the various Beast computers will divide up humanity. His sci-fi novel has its super computers making mistakes. (What went wrong?, I ask w/ a smile.)

BOTTOM LINE. In a collective mind you won’t question if something is right or wrong, moral, just or ethical. People will not have dissenting opinions, & little if any morality. (This is long enough.) Thanks for reading this.

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