WAR NEWS. (24 FEB ’22) Fritz Springmeier

By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(24 FEB ’22)

I provide my short overview of the first day of war of the invasion of the Ukraine for those who have busy lives or just want to see what I have to say.

BLITZKRIEG. Russia launched a blitzkrieg invasion of Ukraine today. First, ballistic missiles took out military targets. Next, the Russian air force took control of the air. Meanwhile a cyber attack knocked out their communication. Then Russian paratroopers took over the capital Kiev’s international airport. This multi-pronged invasion reminds me of how Hitler dismembered Poland. Russian ground forces came north from the Crimea, and south from Belarus, as well as from other directions. Kiev the capital may fall within a day or two.

EU RESPONSE. The response of Europe has been to impose economic sanctions, ship weapons & provide help to thousands of Ukrainian refugees, who are fleeing to all the neighboring nations.

END. While the Ukrainians are fighting hard, like the Poles in 1939, they will soon be defeated. Russian military doctrine is to hit very hard & very fast. The Ukraine is not equal to the task of stopping the Russian military. The Ukrainian govt. has called on any Ukrainian to take up arms & fight. Having lost air superiority very quickly, Ukrainian resistance on the ground has no chance. Russia will soon install their own Ukrainian govt.

For us in the USA, expect gas prices to rise quickly. There you have it, my friend.

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