The people’s abusive relationship with mainstream media

By John Litteral


I find myself going back and forth emotionally thinking that the masses are starting to see the light and figure out that the media is completely untrustworthy but then realizing it has been a game of one step forward three steps back, over and over again. It is like having a friend who has been in a long abusive relationship, and after trying to help that friend for years, who knows that their abuser has constantly lied to them and done nothing but keep them in fear, and once you think you have helped that friend make the right decision to get out of that abusive relationship and it appears that the friend has experienced that straw that broke the camel’s back, all it took was just another exaggerated set of lies to suck that friend right back into the abusive arms of that parasite. The masses just cannot seem to get out of that abusive relationship with the mainstream media no matter how many times they have been betrayed and lied to and been led like lambs to the slaughter to support their own destruction.

It happens every single time when the mainstream media pumps out hardcore propaganda to cause fear and anger to the viewers. Both of those emotions, fear and anger, cause people to turn off their ability to think rationally and critically, therefore allowing the government to lead the viewers like lambs to the slaughter and get them to accept having their rights and freedoms taken away for the false empty promises of safety. It is called Problem-Reaction-Solution. They create the problem, or the perception of a problem (there doesn’t even have to be a real problem), then they get the reaction from the masses of fear or anger, and then they offer the solution to the very problem they created in the first place. And with the pathetic mainstream media pumping out lies and propaganda 24/7 to push a narrative, the masses take it hook, line, and sinker, every damn time! As we have seen with the latest psychological operation (PYSOP) of the Russian/Ukraine situation, even those who appeared to finally get it that they’ve been lied to for the last two years by the media, all it took was flipping the script to another PSYOP to get the same awakened people to turn on the tell-lie-vision and cling onto the latest narrative that’s being spewed out in such an obvious usual gaslighting and contradictory way. I am utterly flabbergasted to see how easily so many people who have jumped on board to supporting the narrative that they have shown signs of supporting war against Russia and even supported turning against anybody who is Russian and basically persecuting them! Idiots bragging about pouring Russian vodka down the drain as if that would make any difference whatsoever, especially if you already bought the vodka. Virtue-signally gone full retard!

It is bad enough to see partially awake people who finally realized that they were lied to about COVID fall back into believing the latest narrative, but it is unfathomable to see the sheep who clung onto the COVID narrative and hid under their beds with three masks on and posted selfies of themselves every time they got their black-magic potion injected in them, to now support a narrative that could get their asses nuked. This is the perfect example of Stockholm Syndrome, when someone who has been kidnapped develops an emotional attachment to their captor, and will not only refuse to escape if given the opportunity but will have loyalty to them and even defend them in some weird messed up way. Part of the population has fully embraced slavery and totalitarianism. They have rolled the red carpet out for tyranny and told the tyrants by their actions to “govern me harder daddy!”

One thing that amazes me is that no matter how much evidence that you show people concerning all of the fake news reports and recycled videos and photos that have been used, such as old photos and videos from the past but has been reported as just happening in Ukraine, it makes no difference to most people. Proof that videos from a video game were being used as “war footage” in Ukraine, and the normies don’t bat an eye. The video below is just one of many examples of all the contradictions that is being reported by the media.

One thing that I have been trying to do is to help people to understand that all of these presidents and prime-sinisters are nothing more than puppets that are being controlled by their puppet-masters. I have continually demonstrated how Putin is a pupil of Satan Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum, and the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has been a part of the World Economic Forum too. They are globalists through and through and are both on the same team, as are all of the world so-called leaders. I find it more than coincidental that some of these puppets are professional entertainers, such as Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, who is an actor and played president on Ukraninan television prior. Another globalist pupil of Satan Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum product Canadian Prime-sinister Justin Castro Trudeau was a drama teacher. Former president Tronald Dump was a reality show host and was evolved in professional wrestling over the years, which professional wrestling is the perfect analogy for politics. (No, I didn’t accidentally misspell Donald Trumps name) The point being is that there is an agenda for one world global government (New World Order aka Great Reset), and these puppet leaders are all playing their roles and follow their scripts to make this happen. In order to make this happen the world population has to be divided against one-another and convinced that world events are random and that there are opposing sides. This happens on national levels in political landscapes using the false left-right paradigm, which convinces the population in countries that there are political parties in opposition but in reality they are both controlled and are on the same team. But on a global scale there is the East vs West false paradigm, which is controlled by the Global Cabal (Illuminati, globalists, etc.) and gives the illusion that governments are in opposition to one another when they are actually all controlled from the shadows and are moving closer and closer to a one world centralized government.

So is there any hope since all governments are hijacked? Yes! If people wake the hell up quickly and quit picking sides that are all controlled by the Cabal, and withdraw their support from these puppets and refuse to support their genocidal wars and quit falling for all of their PSYOPs and propaganda. Quit watching the mainstream media, which is their Satanic propaganda mind-control machine. They know that if they control the perception of the population then they will control their behavior. And when they control the behavior of the masses then they have the masses under their thumbs as their slaves. They use the media to divide and conquer us, and it has been extremely powerful, which is obvious because the masses have been acting like a bunch of damn fools who have been played off against one another. The controllers of this world are sitting back laughing their asses off while the population has been made a mockery of. Turning off the tell-lie-vision is the first big step to changing the world world!

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