Daily Alternative News Thursday 3-3-22

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The David Knight Show * INTERVIEW: Jason Matyas, on his documentary “Beyond Off Grid, how to relocalize your food, free videos on how to grow more food, on his family’s heirloom seeds and more – seedsforgenerations.com/davidknightshow
* Want to know WHY the military is so keen on screening out people those who refuse the jabs? Document discussing the legal & ethical issues “augmented humans” from UK Ministry of Defense shows their mindset
* DeSantis tells high school students “we’ve got to stop with this Covid theatre” so take off the “ridiculous” masks. Leftists outrage over the exchange
* Freedom Convoy organizer, Tamara Lich, brought to court in chains as she appeals denial of bail
* NZ’s Jab-cinda Ardern sends in police to get violent with protestors camped out for 3 weeks.
* EU gas prices jump and 60%, Nord Stream 2 fires all employees over sanctions.
* Hillary Clinton hates the “philosophy of libertarianism” she says crypto exchanges have. Will Bitcoin help those trying to avoid sanctions?
COVID MISSION ACCOMPLISHED AS GLOBAL TREATY LOOMS – #NEWWORLDNEXTWEEK The Corbett Report This week on the New World Next Week: fake news stories emerge from Ukraine; British steel shows the way toward absolute zero; and it’s COVID Mission Accomplished! as the global pandemic treaty draws near.
THIS IS THE REASON We Are Change This video gives you the truth you’re not getting in the news about the current situation and how this is the reason.
FOOD CRISIS: EU EXPECTS SHORTAGES, S. KOREA FEED PRODUCERS TO DECLARE FORCE MAJEUR ice.age.farmer The food crisis is here. The EU’s agricultural ministers held an emergency meeting, and are set to activate a “Food Crisis Contingency Mechanism” in anticipation of the shortages resulting from the blocked 40% of global wheat exports that are no longer flowing from Ukraine/Russia. S. Korea’s animal feed producers are preparing to declare force majeur, unable to produce feed without the 300,000 metric tons they’d expected from Ukraine now stuck in the Black Sea. Nations are banning exports to cling to what food stocks they DO have. Things are escalating quickly in the food crisis. Stay tuned to the Ice Age Farmer channel and START GROWING FOOD NOW.
UKRAINE: THE GREAT REDIRECT The David Knight Show Just as we’re about to blow up the Pharmakeia Death Star, the 8 yr conflict in Ukraine grabs all the headlines. But which killed more — Putin Invasion or Trump Injection? Which one is ignored by media? Which one has become a media obsession?
“DAVOS DARIA” PUSHES NO-FLY UKRAINE CONFRONTATION The David Knight Show Her NGO is funded by Soros. She’s featured at WEF (Davos) and she tells BoJo he must save the children by escalating World War 3 (which she tells him has already started).


Ukraine’s Special Operations Command Announces They’re Going to Start Committing War CrimesInformationLiberationMar 03Ukraine’s Special Operations Command announced Thursday on Facebook that Russian soldiers who try to surrender henceforth will be “slaughtered like pigs” while they’re begging for mercy.
… (more)

If You’re Suddenly Yelling About Ukraine and Have Been Silent on Yemen — You’re Being Manipulated


If You’re Suddenly Yelling About Ukraine and Hav…

Never Forget: The Same Politicians Calling for “Freedom” Now are The Ones Who Took Yours Away Months Ago


Never Forget: The Same Politicians Calling for “…

Propaganda: Puppet President Biden Releases Photo of Him Signing Blank Sheet of Paper


Propaganda: Puppet President Biden Releases Photo …

Matt Hancock somehow forgets to mention thousands and thousands of old people killed in the spring of 2020 by his Midazolam or why he hasn't been arrested for it. But he wants you to feel sorry for him anyway ...


Matt Hancock somehow forgets to mention thousands …

US/NATO is in the Grip of a Daemonic Death-Wish & the Entire World is Threatened


US/NATO is in the Grip of a Daemonic Death-Wish & …

‘Lizard People’ Catacombs Discovered Beneath Los Angeles


‘Lizard People’ Catacombs Discovered Beneath L…

It's not over yet? It's hardly STARTED - London Freedom Rally Parliament Square, March 19th


It’s not over yet? It’s hardly STARTED – London Fr…

Canadian Gov. is attempting to censor the internet akin to China, secretly trying to pass Bill-C11


Canadian Gov. is attempting to censor the internet…

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