Banking Scam and Wars

By John Litteral

The World Banking Scam

When it comes down to who runs the world and how they ultimately have the power to do so, it all boils down to who controls the money. If you control the world money supply and its value then you control the world, because governments rely upon the banks for their currency and its value. Max Igan says,

“It is a private business, that runs for a profit, and it is owned and operated by wealthy private banking dynasties such as the Rothschild’s, the Morgan’s, and the Rockefellers… Many people think that the Illuminati is a myth but in actual fact this society is still in operation to this day, and has since become the most powerful organization in the world. The surviving members of this order are the individuals who also indirectly own and operate the world bank.” 15[Max Igan] 

Also, David says,

“The global web with The Spider at the center owns and controls the banking system and through the Web apparently different organizations like the World Bank, International Monetary Fund (IMF), European Central Bank (ECB) and national central banks are simultaneously coordinated to the same end even though they appear in the public arena to be operating independently.” 2[David Icke]

Eric Dubay says,

“Their method of control is just like a loan-shark or the mafia. Firstly, to qualify for loans, desperate nations are forced into pawning mines, railways, forests, power or water companies. Then to pay off the loans nations are forced to do things like ignore environmental laws, lower wages/cut back on education or health care, and privatize/sell off their resources to crooked corporations like Enron and Exxon. Whenever these poor countries cannot pay off the loans, the ‘generous’ international bankers simply give new, higher-interest loans to pay off the old ones, further indebting/enslaving the nation.” 4[Eric Dubay] 

Max Igan again says,

“Each western government actually has the legal right to coin its own money and control its value, but they do not. They borrow money from this privately run central banking system. Through the magic of fractional reserve banking these central banks are able to create money from thin air via the creation of money as debt and then profit on it by charging interest on the loans.” 15[Max Igan] 

David Ickes says,

“This domination by the banking system over the creation of the currency allows them to decide how much ‘money’ is in circulation by how much illusory credit they chose to ‘loan’. Booms and busts are created at will by increasing or decreasing the amount of theoretical ‘money’ in circulation that is available for people to spend. Interest rates are manipulated to the same outcome. This is the ever-recurring sequence: (1) issue lots of credit and get lots of people and businesses in debt to money that doesn’t exist; (2) dramatically decrease the money in circulation by reducing the number of loans and/or increasing interest rates to trigger an “economic downturn”; (3) steal all the real wealth that you have taken as collateral when your debtors can’t repay the credit “loan” plus interest. That’s another thing – the interest. Banks only “create” and “lend” the amount you have agreed to borrow, but you are repaying that figure plus interest. The interest is never created and so there is never even nearly enough money in circulation, theoretical or otherwise, to pay back all the outstanding debt in the form of principle and interest. People losing their homes, land, businesses and livelihoods is built into the very structure of the financial system on purpose. This is less obvious during a boom with lots of money in circulation but becomes painfully apparent when the money supply is curtailed.” 2[David Icke]

Alex Christopher explains how the banks fund both sides of wars. It is a stunning revelation of how insanely evil and sinister this banking system is,

“It is a well known fact that international bankers have financed nations to fight against each other. Where do you think the countries get their money to buy tanks, guns, uniforms, etc., to arm their nation for war? They borrow from international bankers. International bankers have financed both sides of countries at war with each other. They don’t care who wins, because while the nations are borrowing huge amounts of money to kill each other, international bankers make huge amounts of money from the interest charges that they make each nation pay. They also have the power to control the outcome of the war by simply cutting off the flow of money they lend. So, under the threat of war, international bankers have used their power to gain or increase control over governments. By keeping a nation in debt they are in a position to demand a voice in the government affairs of the nation. Another goal which they have already achieved is to control all the world’s monetary systems.” 18[Alex Christopher]


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