There are NO good guys on the global stage

By John Litteral


In the insane world that we live in, many people are looking for a good guy to save us from the global dystopian nightmare that we are spiraling into. One world government, New World Order, Great Reset, Technocracy, etc., are titles that more and more of the population is learning about due to the radical changes going on in the world. People are finding themselves questioning their world views like never before, and many are finding out that the world is not run by presidents and prime ministers and politicians in the same manner as they have been taught in school and as portrayed by the media. It has become increasingly evident that there is something else that is going on, and that politicians are puppets who are doing what they are told. I often refer to this “force” or global network as the Cabal, and I have written 2 books about it teaching about who they are, their agenda, how they are structured, and what we can do to throw a monkey-wrench into the gears of their agenda. But unfortunately, due to many years of indoctrination, propaganda, and social conditioning, most of the population STILL believes that if they vote in the right political party or “elect” the right president then things will go “back to normal.” The powers that be DO NOT CARE what party that you vote for or if you are a card carrying Democrat or Republican because they own and control both parties, and NOBODY gets into the higher levels of political power unless they are selected by the Cabal. And this goes for all governments around the world. No president or prime-sinister gets into puppet power unless they are part of the BIG CLUB.

Many people have bought into the control opposition narrative that Russian president Vladimir Putin is taking on the Cabal, and that he is loyal to Russia and opposes globalism. But one thing is for sure, Putin is a globalist through and through, and there is no doubt about it. Putin was groomed by kingpin globalist Satan Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. He was one of the Young Global Leaders and a pupil of the World Economic Forum. He has also been very close to Ultra Zionist and globalist Henry Kissinger, who has a very ugly reputation for anyone who believes in freedom and liberty.

Many people have bought into the propaganda that Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky and Vladimir Putin are in opposition to one another. But they are actually both part of the big globalist club and are simply carrying out the false East vs West paradigm. Both are simply globalist puppets and playing their roles to push the latest WW3 narrative, which is being used to manipulate the perception of the global population to react out of fear and anger due to the theatrics of war and rumors of wars. In my opinion this has something to do to getting the populations minds off how they were conned the last 2 years and to push the next phase of their global COUP D’ÉTAT for global governance. Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky is literally an actor and another dime-a-dozen product of the Satan Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.


It cannot be understated how much influence that the World Economic Forum has when it comes to bringing world “leaders” and Technocrats from all over the world under one umbrella. Just as Klaus Schwab explained in the video above, they have “penetrated” world governments and gotten all of those who have influence on the world stage to be on board and perpetuators of the New World Order Great Reset agenda. Below are others that are also part of the Big Club.

Bill Gates
Tony Blair and Klaus Schwab
German Chancellor Angela Merkel with the World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab
Joe Biden

So if there are no good guys on the world stage in the high places of political and NGO power, then who are the good guys? You and I are the good guys! We are not going to vote our way out of the situation that we are in because nobody gets into political power unless they are a New World Order asset. We need to withdraw from their system as much as we possibly can and quit supporting their political agendas and their corporate monopoly. And most importantly we all need to quit obeying and complying to our own enslavement. If we rise up in large numbers and reject their dictates and simply say NO, then we will change the world very quickly. Quit falling for all of their psyops and false-flags. Learn more about who the real enemy is and quit falling for their divide and conquer techniques. Learn and teach others about how the world really runs and who controls the chess board of the world.

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