Daily Alternative News Thursday 3-10-22

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INTERVIEW: MONEY? WHAT MONEY? CBDC, INFLATION, UBI The David Knight Show Economist Alexander William Salter, professor Texas Tech Univ and Research Fellow at Free Market Institute. Inflation — how’d we get here and what’s next. Also supply chain & energy disruption, Biden’s Central Bank Digital Cash (CBDC) initiative, Universal Basic Income (UBI).
DERRICK BROZE INTERVIEW – MEXICO’S IVERMECTIN USE EXPOSES THE CONTROLLED NARRATIVE AROUND THE DRUG The Last American Vagabond Joining me today is Derrick Broze, here to discuss his recent article on Mexico’s use of ivermectin, and how it exposed a very clear effort to control the flow of information around this drug in particular, and around early treatment for COVID-19 in general — often to the extreme detriment of those in need of that very treatment.  
The David Knight Show * INTERVIEW: Economist Alexander William Salter, professor Texas Tech Univ and Research Fellow at Free Market Institute. Inflation — how’d we get here and what’s next. Also supply chain & energy disruption, Biden’s Central Bank Digital Cash (CBDC) initiative, Universal Basic Income (UBI)
* RegionSmart — a new unelected, unaccountable quasi-government organization structure that operates in the dark without visibility to the public. It will exercise eminent domain and work on “infrastructure”. What could possibly go wrong?
* Biden makes big moves toward eliminating privacy and liberty — and even private banks — all done by Executive Order, of course
* Even performances of long dead Russian composers’ music are being banned by the insane virtue signalers
* 25 YEARS AGO: Video shows Biden explaining to NATO think tank that eastward expansion would be a serious threat to Russia and they would seek an alliance with China
* War on Energy was well underway LONG before Putin’s move against Ukraine.
* Biden makes us dependent on foreign sources of energy who won’t even answer his phone calls. But he blames everyone else and Elizabeth Warren’s “solution” is even more absurd
BOMBSHELL: THIS JUST CHANGED EVERYTHING… We Are Change This video gives you the truth about what just changed everything.
Putin Ukraine Gas Prices Oil Prices Food Prices #JoeImbriano
NEW: DR. JUDY MIKOVITS DROPS TRUTH BOMBS ABOUT GAIN OF FUNCTION & VACCINES (TRUTH WARRIOR) dwtruthwarrior In this explosive interview with Dr Mikovits we discuss:
viruses vs terrain, truth about vaccines, pharma cult, medical industrial complex, COVID vaccines, vaccine injuries and how to cure, gender confusion, contaminated blood/food supply, the Fauci fraud, the pandemic fraud, and more.
Dr Judy Mikovits website: https://therealdrjudy.com/

Her online health store https://drjsol.gethealthy.store
Judy Mikovits, PhD is a biochemist and molecular biologist with more than 35 years of experience. Internationally known, a veritable “rock star” of the scientific world, she served as the director of the lab of Antiviral Drug Mechanisms at the National Cancer Institute before directing the Cancer Biology program at EpiGenX Pharmaceuticals. She later developed the first neuroimmune institute. Her early work focused on cancer and HIV, her latest on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and autism. She has published more than 50 peer-reviewed articles.
VACCINE United by Truth
THEY ARE DEMOLISHING YOUR FUTURE -DAMN THE GOV!!!!!!!! The Butcher I show you exactly what they want to turn this jewel of the world into. The federal government has lost its mind. STATES MUST DECLARE INDEPENDENCE!
FINANCIAL GULAGS BEING BUILT: FREEZING, FORFEITURE, DIGITAL CASH The David Knight Show Canadian Banking system pushes Digital ID even as it brags it went further in freezing accounts than government supplied list. And Coinbase grabs 25000 crypto wallets on order of the government.If you would like to support the show and our family please consider subscribing monthly here: SubscribeStar https://www.subscribestar.com/the-david-knight-show


DuckDuckGo CEO Announces Google-Style Censorship Scheme of Content Deemed ‘Russian Disinformation’InformationLiberationMar 10DuckDuckGo CEO Gabriel Weinberg on Wednesday announced the rollout of a new Google-style censorship scheme to down-rank websites he says are “associated with Russian disinformation.”
… (more)

Victoria Nuland Admits Ukraine Has ‘Biological Research Facilities’ Which She Fears Russia May SeizeInformationLiberationMar 09Neocon Undersecretary of State Victoria Nuland on Tuesday botched a softball question from Senator Marco Rubio asking whether Ukraine has biological or chemical weapons.
… (more)
Patriarch Kirill: Conflict in Ukraine is a Battle Against a Godless International Order Built on ‘Gay Pride Parades’InformationLiberationMar 09Patriarch Kirill, the spiritual leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, said Sunday that the conflict in Donbas is a “metaphysical” battle against a godless international order that rewards governments which embrace sin and punishes those who embrace God’s laws.
… (more)

Headlines for March 10, 2022 – Jewish Planner Predicted WW3 Would Start in Ukraine 

What’s next: CIA a shining star? The new blitz of wartime propaganda. What’s the end game?

by Jon Rappoport

by Jon Rappoport

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