(Free PDF) A Complete Comparison Of The Four Gospels: All Four Gospels With Parallel Passages Side-by-side With Explanations And Harmonization

Back in 2013 I published a large work that lined up all four Gospels and all the passages side-by-side for easy comparison. I also provided very helpful commentary underneath each Gospel comparison that explains and harmonizes all of the variant details of the accounts. I also added another feature that weaves the Gospel accounts together that read in a free-flowing manner in chronological order (which comes from an ancient work from 150AD called the Diatessaron by Tatian). Below is an excerpt and example of how the work is laid out. Also I provide a free PDF that you can download of this book. You can also buy the book in print on Amazon for a very reasonable price. Download the free PDF and use it however you want for study and research. I assure you that you will not find another work that compares the Gospels more thoroughly.

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