“Waking up” is an ongoing life long transformation rather than a one time event (Derrick Broze)

By Derrick Broze


Activists will often talk about when they “woke up” and first realized some new set of ideals, principles, or perhaps a paradigm shift that rearranges everything they thought they knew about the world. I tend to view this process as an ongoing life long transformation rather than a one time event whereby the individual is supposedly completely born anew with no further layers to shed.

For instance, in September 2005 I realized I was tired of being around crack and meth heads and wanted to do something different with my life. That was the first step in a process that continues to this day.

In late 2005, after getting locked up, I started practicing meditation. In 2007, after getting locked up again I started taking it even more seriously.

In late 2009 I “woke up” to the various forms of authority that attempt to rule over our lives. I started out deep in conspiracy research and have continued to develop a more refined view on the world that includes an awareness of conspiracies as well as a deeper philosophical understanding.

In June 2012 I had another shift. I realized I could no longer separate my spiritual world from my activist/political world and The Conscious Resistance was born.

Since that time I have learned about forms of oppression that go beyond conspiracies, the state, and politics itself. I continue to learn about the ways we each limit our own growth and pursuit of freedom. I continue to understand that the quickest way to a better world is for each individual to work on their own issues and to encourage the same in others. Compassion and understanding go a long way. Especially compassion for yourself and your struggle.

My point is to say that we are all at different points in our “Awakening”. When you feel like you have hit the bottom of the rabbit hole, or you think you got the world all figured out, I encourage you to continue questioning your assumptions, your motivations, and your biases until every piece of you has been examined. From this standpoint you will be able to make wiser decisions and ensure that your “Awakening” never comes to an end.

– Derrick Broze

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