By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(15 APR ’22)

There is a growing awareness & uneasiness among members of the LDS Mormon church that their leadership is Illuminati. Many are leaving. What’s the relationship between their hierarchy & the Illuminati?? In my Bloodlines book, I documented that the Mormon leadership, incl. Joseph Smith, Jr., were of the Illuminati’s “holy” Merovingian bloodline (& were aware of it) and into witchcraft. They wanted to create a Christianized restoration of the mystery religions; the Illuminati is the cont. of the mystery religions. These Mormon Merovingians’ new religion was joined by major Illuminati bloodlines (Russell, Taft, Plantagenet), & minor ones (Eccles, Hamptons & many others).

This post is a brief look at 6 services the LDS church provides to the Illuminati, & then looks at early, later, & modern Rothschild financing of the church.

6 MAJOR SERVICES. The six services that the LDS provides the Illuminati which this post addresses are: 1. Illuminati temples w/ restricted access underneath Mormon temples, 2. agents for Illuminati alphabet agencies, 3. Church programs that function as covers for espionage, money laundering, & witchcraft, 4. Genealogy work to track humanity, 5 T.B.M.C. slaves for the Illuminati, 6. Competition to the Christian message.

NO. 1. SECRET ILLUMINATI TEMPLES UNDERNEATH MORMON TEMPLES. During my work assisting t.b.m.c. slaves, there were multiple eyewitnesses to secret Illuminati temples w/ tunnels, gladiator arenas, satanic ritual areas, & areas for mind-control underneath the Portland, OR Mormon temple (at Lake Oswego) & the Salt Lake City Temple. It’s safe to assume other Mormon temples are likewise constructed.

Retina & hand prints are scanned to reach these secret areas via tunnels. When a Mormon temple is first built, the public is given guided tours thru the new temple, then it is sealed off to the public.

I took such a tour. It serves it’s purpose to allay concerns something is amiss.

NO. 2. AGENTS FOR ILLUM. GOVT FRONTS. My readers already know how I’ve exposed that the CIA & FBI were direct creations by the Illuminati. The NSA serves them by monitoring & controlling the entire American population.

“MORMONS MAKE GREAT FBI RECRUITS”, I’ve seen & heard this. Brigham Young University (BYU) Career Fair illustrates this; the FBI, CIA, & NSA recruiters regularly attend it to harvest a new crop of recruits. Dept. of Homeland Security also likes to hire them. It’s said that Mormons make good recruits, because they don’t drink & abuse alcohol which is not tolerated in the recruitment screening. That is true, but CIA field agents at times have to be able to drink when doing their their assignments.

I’d say a more important reason that Mormons are recruited is because they are often programmed multiples (t.b.m.c.) The everyday front personality is well suited, as they believe “God founded the USA, so anything you do for it is o.k.”. And then the deeper alters function as assassins, spies & money launderers which the front personality is not aware of, & would not approved.

Sometimes several members of one Mormon family will be in intelligence. There is no doubt that Mormons are overrepresented % wise in the CIA, FBI & NSA; but I was unable to get any specific %s.

An example of a Mormon authority who worked for both the Church & CIA is Neal A. Maxwell, an apostle, General Authority in the church, & orig. the Commissioner of Church Education, who was a CIA economic analyst (’52-’54).

NO. 3. CHURCH PROGRAMS HIDE DARK THINGS. Witnesses report that the LDS church programs serve as covers for money laundering, espionage, & witchcraft. For instance, dirty Illum. money is laundered thru the LDS Tithing funds. And Mormon Bishop Warehouses have stored cocaine for the Illuminati.

I know of 3 governments who have accused the LDS Missionary program of being a cover for the CIA: Finland, Ghana & Russia. There may be others.

Putin called the LDS a “totalitarian sect”; the Russian govt’s nomenclature for churches used by the CIA. I know of one Mormon man who did his mission in Russia & then returned there as a CIA agent.

I refer people to Bill Schnoebelen’s extensive in depth books & talks about how the church functions as a cover for witchcraft. (A) The CIA has been very active in Latin America, so it’s not surprising that most of the 14 new foreign LDS temples are in Latin America.


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