By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(This cont. from no. 3 on the Church being a cover for CIA espionage.)

AN EXAMPLE. Charles Burrell Merrill was recruited at BYU by the CIA, then worked 6 yrs. in So. America for them, & 25 yrs. total in his CIA career. (I don’t know if he was related to Charles E. Merrill who started Merrill Lynch.)

NO. 4. GENEALOGY WORK TO ASSIST TRACKING EVERYONE. According to the LDS Church, the primary religious duty of their members is to do genealogy work to determine all his or her dead ancestors & then baptize them. An incredible amount of genealogical work has been done over the years, & the LDS Church has amassed an incredible amount of records pertaining to such research. (I was like a child in a candy shop in their main SLC Genealogy Library.) The CIA & other agencies have used these records for other purposes. Part of being able to control the World is to know the history of each person.

NO. 5. PROVIDING THE ILLUMINATI W/ PROGRAMMED MULTIPLES T.B.M.C. SLAVES. I know this first hand having assisted or visited w/ a number of Mormons, who had been subjected to TBMC & SRA via the LDS church’s mind control programmers. Many sad stories. (B)

MORMON AUTHORS OF CIA TORTURE. We see a glimpse of Mormon participation in trauma-based mind control when various magazines (C) reported that authors of the CIA’s torture program for Al Qaeda prisoners were 2 Mormon psychologists: Dr. Bruce Jessen (an LDS shrink who grew up in the church & was a Bishop) & Elmer Mitchell. After exposure Jessen was asked to step down from his Bishop position, & Mitchell ceased to be a member. These two not only developed the torture techniques (like waterboarding), but they trained CIA interrogators at CIA black sites to do them.

We can also observe (in Aug. 2002) Asst. Art. Gen. Jay Bybee, an LDS mmbr, advocating that torture is Constitutional & legal.

Yet another clue is the presence of Mormons in super-soldier programs like Special Forces & SEAL teams. HQ for 19 SFG is Draper, UT.

NO. 6 COMPETITION TO THE CHRISTIAN MESSAGE. Creating another Christian gospel just adds to the confusion of denominations.

In my Bloodlines book, I document that Joseph Smith, Jr believed in Kabala & magick, & intended to “restore the Mysteries” (of the Mystery Religions) to Christianity. So Mormonism teaches universalism, polytheism, exaltation to godhood, & multiple heavens.

Brigham Young, while in England, asked Masonic officials to grant the LDS Church a masonic charter to be it’s own Masonic Rite. They were turned down. Still the Temple rituals of Mormonism match witchcraft & Masonic ceremonies. They are variants of the same thing. In the Illuminati covens there is the office of Keeper of the Seals. Sealing is important to both witchcraft & Mormonism. (Witchcraft also calls it handfasting.)

EARLY ROTHSCHILD FINANCING. In 1876, Pres. Brigham Young & members of the Quorum of 12 returned from a year long mission to England. According to their journals, they were “penniless” & “poorly dressed” when they had first arrived in England. When they left England, their pockets were lined with gold, and they were finely dressed. Who gave them the wealth? They don’t say, but John Taylor records a very friendly conversation with french Baron Rothschild at the Townsend House, London. (D) It’s possible that Baron Rothschild made some deal w/ the LDS leaders.

In 1893, 17 yrs. later, the LDS church was $300,000 in debt. That year Counselor George Q. Cannon went to England to meet with bankers, esp. the Rothschilds to see if they could help them get out of serious economic distress. Cannon met with Rothschild & his brother bankers, but the Rothschilds considered the LDS church too risky.

If we go clear back to 1848, one sees that the LDS church was positive towards the Rothschilds. This is evidenced by an LDS magazine that year running a positive story on them.(E)

While the Rothschild banker brothers rejected bailing the LDS Church out, one of their important banks, Kuhn, Loeb, Co. which was active in western USA did make important loans to the church. Kuhn, Loeb, Co. was originally run by Jacob Schiff, a close Rothschild associate.

LATER. At the turn of the 19th century, the Rothschild’s Rio Tinto’s Kennecott started the Bingham Canyon Mine just south of the Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake Co., UT. It’s common knowledge that corporations are affected by public policies, & to be successful businesses want to have partnerships with the governments they have to deal with. The relationship between the LDS Church & the great mine at Bingham Canyon was symbiotic. The church needed the wealth that the mine would provide them.

Symbiotic relationships between a multinational corporation & a local area are important. Along these lines, the area of the mine is a hotbed for Satanism & the KKK.

The super rich Ashkenazi Illuminati Guggenheim family financed the first digging in 1906. The Bingham Canyon Mine is said to have been founded in 1903. The Bingham area was rich in gold, silver & copper.

The Rothschild’s Rio Tinto Group is one of the world’s leaders in uranium, diamond & precious metal mining. Their Bingham Open-pit copper mine is claimed to be the largest man-made excavation. Their HQ is London. An example of one it’s directors is Peter Rupert Lord Carrington, an Illum mmbr & chrmn of the Bilderberg Steering Committee. Kennecott’s logo is a Bavarian Illuminati Symbol!

An example of a Rothschild geologist who would examine the Rothschild’s mining investments in west. No. Amer. was Clyde Davis, a Freemason & close assoc w/ the Rothschilds. His son Stephen allegedly provided the main piece of info for the next part.

MODERN ROTHSCHILD FINANCING. Allegedly Stephen Davis said that a Swiss billionaire Robert Vincent de’ Olivetti, who it’s claimed was a Rothschild & 2nd richest man in the world, paid off the lien the LDS Church had with Rockefeller’s Chase Manhattan bank on the Mormon Temple Square.

The original loan was $30 million, & the entire Temple block was used as collateral. It’s said that Olivetti wrote a check for $100 million & saved the Church. (Another source says $500 millions.) Stephen’s story was the basis of Paul Stockton’s article “Did Rothschilds Buy Mormon Church”. This topic needs more research, because I can’t find anything to confirm it’s details.

What can be confirmed is that the Mormon hierarchy still admires the Rothschilds. That hasn’t changed since 1848! In Apr. 2007, they had Dick Cheney (a m.c. slave handler/ programmer) give the commencement speech at BYU. They also gave Cheney an honorary doctorate from BYU.

Right after this, BYU’s Alumni Assoc. Pres. J Craig McIlroy (himself rich) told the grads that the Rothschilds should serve as their role models for life.



(A) A good example is Bill Schnoebelen’s Mormonism’s Temple of Doom

(B) One devote Mormon husband discovered that his Bishop had regularly for years used his wife, a programmed multiple, for sex. My Formula book was the key to understand his life.

(C) Peterson, Boyd J. “Mormonism & Torture- Paradox and First Principle”, Sunstone (Apr 2008), pgs 69-70.

(D) Taylor, John. Journal of Discourse. And Elder John Taylor’s talk at the 46th Annual Conference of LDS in New Tabernacle, SLC Apr. 6, 1876

(E) “Memoir of the House of Rothschild”, LDS Millennial Star, vol. 10 (c. Feb. 1848), Publisher Orson Pratt, p. 63.

Thanks for reading this. May God go with you.

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