Daily Alternative News Thursday 4-21-22

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The David Knight Show * INTERVIEW: Julie Wentz, Freedom-Healthcare.us, building a parallel health care system that transcends the corporate hospitals, focusing on choice and actual health
* Biden’s bureaucrats can’t let go of their power to mask, even until after the election. What is shaping up is a battle between the bureaucratic administrative state and the judiciary as to who will issue arbitrary orders
* Paper gold. Does this derivative market have the physical gold it pretends? How will the ETF’s play into the value of actual gold?
* Border Patrol Union wants TX Gov Abbott to declare “invasion” at the border.
* Frenemies, now enemies? To promote his new show, Piers Morgan tweaks Trump about election and Trump explodes. Politics has never looked more like professional wrestling
* As bills are popping up in GOP states to protect parental rights, this Massachusetts groomer school is being sued after teacher is fired for telling a family how the school is concealing and conspiring re-gendering of their child
* Is the trans-agenda of the schools a form of “body shaming”? Those hectored by the pedo-mob are even mutilating their trachea to change their voice
Understanding Bureaucracy – From The Survival Podcast Epi- 3080 Jack Spirko
RIP CNN We Are Change This video explains the demise of CNN and other media companies.
DEPROGRAMMING NOTE The Corbett Report Good things come to those who wait . . .


Headlines for April 21, 2022 — We all Live In Shanghai 

As President, I wouldn’t shake hands with air

or would I make a political statement about Time Attention: Mike Lindell, CEO of My Pillow by Jon Rappoport April 21, 2022 (To join our email list, click here .) The Idiocracy advances. On April 14th, after making a speech in North Carolina, Biden t…

Biden Regime Still Refusing to Sanction Roman Abramovich, Russian Oligarch Who Fled to IsraelInformationLiberationApr 21Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen unveiled a host of new sanctions targeting Russia on Wednesday but wheeling-and-dealing Russian-Jewish oligarch Roman Abramovich was notably missing from the list.
… (more)

White House Press Secretary Breaks Down in Tears Over State Laws Banning Child Sex Change OperationsInformationLiberationApr 21White House press secretary Jen Psaki broke down into tears over Republican states banning children from undergoing sex change surgeries.
… (more)

US Capitol Evacuated Over ‘Aircraft Threat’ – Turns Out to be Parachuting Demo at Nationals ParkInformationLiberationApr 21Washington is on edge.
… (more)

Cancel Culture Champion Ethan Klein Gets Canceled by Sponsors Over ‘Anti-Gay’ JokesInformationLiberationApr 21Now *this* is comedy!
… (more)

Applying For A Job In The New AmericaInformationLiberationApr 21A Redditor shared this image to the “Recruiting Hell” subreddit on Wednesday.
… (more)Slate Magazine DOXES Juror Who Knew Crime Stats…


UK government to spent another £18 million to rol…


Cost of living: Energy bosses call for price cap t…


“…And the truth shall set you free” By David Ick…
CNN+ Terminated After Just 21 Days in Epic Failure


by John Titor | Apr 21, 2022

That didn’t take long…


Trilateral Commission Members Serving In Biden Administration


Internet Of Bodies Means Total Control Over Your Body, Behavior, Actions


Six Media Giants Control 90% Of What You Read, Watch, Hear


Malone: Techno-Fascism, Techno-Feudalism, Or Indentured Servitude?


Doublespeak? DHS Fusion Center Launches ‘Disinformation Portal’


Ethicist: “The Biomedical Security State’ Must Be Stopped


Tweet This: Will The Real Elon Musk Please Stand Up?


The Trilateral Commission’s Domination Of U.S. Science Policy


When Language AI Meets Propaganda, No One Is Safe


Mercola: Dismantling The Transhumanist Agenda


Ukraine War Continues Supply Chain Crisis After Pandemic


Fauci: “You Use Lockdowns To Get People Vaccinated”

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