2030, CHINA & THE U.N. (Fritz Springmeier)

By Fritz Artz Springmeier

(21 APR ’22)

This is a short post giving a heads up on a part of the globalist’s (i.e. Illuminati) plans. 2030 is the year when a number of goals are to be reached. For instance, greatly reduced air travel. This post is concerned with the new pandemic controls the U.N. plans to give themselves which will result in foreign troops (largely Chinese) entering nations like the U.S. & Australia. The Illuminati’s European Council is the moving force to give the U.N. this vast power.

TIME RESTRAINTS. Today, I have but a short few minutes to compose this, so I am hoping others share what they know on the thread, incl. links to others who discuss the globalist’s goals for 2030.

U.N. ROUGH DRAFT. By Aug. 24th, 2022, the U.N. wants a rough draft of a bill that would give them global power over pandemics. They would take to themselves the right to decide when there is another pandemic and how the pandemic response will be. As it stands now there is minimal political opposition to this power grab.

FOREIGN TROOPS. In order to enforce U.N. pandemic rules, foreign troops will be sent in under the U.N. banner. Rather than invade Australia, Canada & the USA, the Chinese will be invited in to enforce pandemic rules. It looks like those not in compliance will be sent to camps. Patriots (incl. myself) have seen the plans for U.N. troops to police America years ago, and for decades have warned of these plans.

PROTECTORATES. My stamp collection from all countries incl. stamps from many countries which began as British protectorates. The process would be like this…first, the mighty British empire would approach a small nation. They’d point out how vulnerable the small country was & they’d be glad to protect it. Gradually their control would deepen to the point the small nation became their colony. (The Mafia offers similar protection leading to their control.) I envision the U.N.’s “protection” will end American sovereignty.

Please share what you know about the elites’ goals, esp. 2030 goals, in the thread. May the loving God Almighty bless you.

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