Show Notes: Covid Special 7/24/22

The Vaccinated are Dropping like Flies

July 22, 2022

dees-vax.jpg(left David Dees who died May 31, 2020, could see the future when no one else could.)
When three people get salmonella, tons of lettuce are dumped, yet millions are being maimed and killed from so-called vaccines, and the news is being suppressed. The inescapable conclusion is that the government is trying to kill us; and the mass media, medicine, big business and law enforcement are complicit.  This is a slow-motion culling folks!

The vaccinated are dropping like flies from heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, cancer, and being disabled by a multitude of illness and disease.
WAYNE ROOT: 33 Dead & Sick Friends Since Our Wedding Only 8 Months Ago. All 33 Vaxxed. A WAYNE ROOT: 33 Dead & Sick Friends Since Our Wedding Only 8 Months Ago. All 33 Vaxxed. A “Vaccine Death & Disease Cluster.”

Yes, you read correctly. There are (so far) 33 friends and relatives dead or sick since our wedding eight months ago. I’ve done the research. All 33 were vaxxed. Every one of them.

“But it has nothing to do with our wedding. Open your eyes. This is happening everywhere. Non-Covid deaths are up dramatically in the United States (and all over the world). Life insurance companies report non-Covid deaths are up 40% or more among young, working age Americans. Lincoln National reports death benefit payouts are up over 163% in the year since Covid vaccines came out. These are death increases not seen during World War II.”

Anniken Jørgensen: 25-year-old Norwegian beauty entrepreneur suffers menstrual bleeding everyday for a year since her second Pfizer mRNA injection Everyone knows vaccines don’t protect you from “covid”

The news is getting out.

Stew Peters- Vaccinations are causing deaths, not “covid”–

The goyim die young

Tragedy as ex-Denver Broncos offensive linesman dies at just 35 after going into cardiac arrest on a run as heartbroken wife reveals their daughters asked to listen to his morning playlist when she broke the news

Steve Kirsch: *The UK government now has a huge problem. A triply vaxxed
child is 45 times more likely to die than an unvaccinated child. That makes
the vaccine the biggest child killer ever deployed by any government and
makes COVID deaths look like rounding error (45X vs. 0.05X).

NEW: Japan — Leading In Mask Wearing & Over 62% Of The Population “Boosted” — Suffers VAIDS, Reporting 195,161 New COVID Cases, The Highest Single-Day Increase On Record

candace.jpgleft, Candace Iris Murphy


Russia is Part of the COVID Hoax

July 23, 2022

russia-jails-opera-singer-for-10-years-over-covid-protest-3478426706.jpgPlease send links and comments to hmakow@gmail.comFormer Mariinsky opera singer sentenced to 10 years in Russian jail following COVID-19 lock down protest

Vadim Cheldiev, a former professional baritone, has been sentenced to 10 years in a strict-regime penal colony.

Putin can wax eloquent about the use of “openly despotic” methods in the West, but this action proves Russia is not above doing the same thing.
If Putin were really “light and reason,” he wouldn’t be inflicting this bullshit on his people. He’d take Ron DeSantis’ example and say include me out. COVID suggests Russia can’t be trusted and may be the Illuminati’s Plan B – Nuclear War.

Dr. Birx: “I knew these vaccines were not going to protect against infection and I think we overplayed the vaccines”–

Pastor Arrested for Defying COVID Measures Wins in Court Against Alberta Health Services

Gonzalo Lira makes an audacious prediction

Zelensky Is About To Be Assassinated By The Americans

Biden’s National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan recently expressed concern for Zelensky’s security. Gonzalo interprets this to mean the US plans to assassinate him. They realize the war is lost and Zelensky is worth more dead than alive. Lira predicts the US will kill him and decapitate his general staff in a missile strike which they will blame on Russia. Then they will leave the guilt-ridden Russians with a smouldering mess which the US will continue to stoke using saboteurs.

Monkeypox: “nearly all of them” are in “men who have sex with men”

URGENT MONKEYPOX ALERT: Some New York City health officials now
wondering whether they should be “…encouraging gay men to temporarily
change their behavior…”

Meanwhile, “other officials argue that approach would stigmatize gay men
and would backfire.” Still no Anal sex hiatus to crush the curve.


WHO declares global monkeypox emergency

PSYOP-22: WHO’s Tedros: “I Have Decided That The Global Monkeypox Outbreak Represents A Public Health Emergency Of International Concern.”

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