The IRS (Internal Revenue Service) on the warpath! What is the agenda?

By John Litteral

The IRS has bought five million rounds of ammunition and is hiring 87,000 
who must be “willing to use deadly force.”

EXCLUSIVE: IRS annual report shows heavily armed agents training to shoot PEOPLE-SHAPED TARGETS… IRS is building a massive paramilitary force armed with “weapons of war
Mike Adams–“The IRS Criminal Investigations annual report from 2021 touts photos of IRS rifle fire teams and IRS “police” shooters taking aim at rows of targets that represent American taxpayers.

Manufactured wars, food shortages, fake pandemics, false-flags, PSYOPs (psychological operations) carried out to “justify” responses for swift legislation and bills to create a more dystopian police state, extreme divide and conquer based upon the fake left-right paradigm, etc. It does not take a genius to look around and see that war has been declared upon us (humanity). The latest news about the Deep State beefing up the IRS is just another “in your face” move by the “powers that be” waging war against humanity. Don’t be fooled into any narrative that claims that this is solely the Democrat party waging war on conservatives and Trump supporters. That short-sighted analysis is a controlled opposition narrative to deflect the blame away from the real powers behind it onto just one side of the “puppet show” that’s made up of actors and puppets (politicians) that make up the political landscape of the phony “left verses right” two wings of the same bird that are controlled by a covert shadow government that is really pulling the strings. This is what president JFK warned us about…

The REAL AGENDA behind the latest extreme “upgrade” of the IRS is not to go after Trump supporters and conservatives. That is the PSYOP that they are performing to continue to drive a wedge between the American people so that the people blame each other and their political parties that they “voted” for and think they got elected. The same goes for the phony persecution of Donald Trump, which is nothing more than a psychological operation to push Americans into a manufactured civil war that would lead to a government response to usher in New World Order style martial law and total police state control. See my latest article on the phony Tronald Dump persecution.

Therefore, what is the real agenda behind the latest IRS getting beefed up? It is very simple!

  1. To have an army of thugs to target EVERYONE who is any threat to the globalist NWO and the narratives that government uses to control the perception of the brainwashed sheep who let the mainstream media do their thinking. They are going to go after all independent thinkers who questions the “official” narrative (so-called conspiracy theorists). That is the biggest threat to the New World Order agenda, not Trump supporters and Republicans. As long as people believe that a politician or political party is the solution, no matter who or which one, then the Deep State is not concerned about those kinds of people. It is the ones who understands the bigger picture and try to help others see the “magician’s tricks” that the “powers that be” are going after.
  2. They are also going after small businesses in order to put the final nail into the coffin. The latest fake pandemic and the well planned government responses to destroy all independent livelihoods was the death blow to millions of jobs and businesses that functioned outside of the crony cartel and government beast system. Ultimately the ‘powers that be” want a one world government and one world currency with a slavery system that has every single person dependent upon it. This means that every single person who provides a service outside of the total control of the New World Order Technocracy is to be snuffed out. The IRS will undoubtedly focus on taking as much money from the small businesses and finding excuses to fine them with as many petty penalties as they can. And they will be able to do that at gunpoint with the now heavily armed IRS agents.

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