Sunday Headlines 8-21-22

Smart Cities


World Economic Forum Promotes Smart City Governance

The WEF’s Global Smart Cities Alliance on Technology Governance is the largest global initiative that represents over 200,000 cities, local governments, research institutions, non-profit organizations and corporations. The Alliance collectively is promoting Technocracy on a global scale. READ MORE


China’s Endless COVID Hysteria Is A Dark Experiment In Social Conditioning
“Even blue states and cities have been forced to acknowledge that the farce is over; Los Angeles County tried to reintroduce mask mandates recently and the measure collapsed in failure as many municipalities said they planned to ignore any new ordnance.  Covid’s median Infection Fatality Rate of 0.23% was not enough of a threat to convince the public to abandon their constitutional rights.

The CCP has faced little public opposition over their draconian covid rules, and when they do, they don’t worry much because the population is completely disarmed.  This has resulted in a veritable nightmare world for the citizenry.  In fact, it almost seems like an experiment to find out how much psychological torture and oppression human beings are willing to endure.    

Cana’duh’s ArriveCAN might be illegal

The mandatory use of the ArriveCAN App, while always suspect, now seems completely unjustified in light of the fact that emergency orders have now been lifted. But our government insists in maintaining a quasi-emergency status in order to continue to justify this failed and potentially illegal experiment.

Mark Trozzi MD

The WHO continues working to subvert national governments and constitutions, while creating a global dictatorship in the name of “health”. James Roguski pours through their documents, alerts us to their schemes, and advises us on actions to take to stop the WHO. Here is a 9 minute update from James, as well as his call to action, and an invitation to an event tomorrow August 21, 2022 with James, Shabnam Palesa Mohamed, and Dr Rima Laibow.

The media are (finally) admitting lockdown is worse than “Covid”…but why?

The latest figures from the UK’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) suggest that the knock-on effects of lockdown may be harming more people than “Covid” ever did, or so the press are saying anyway.

The ONS’s weekly data apparently shows over 10,000 more reported deaths than expected.

Since none of these excess deaths has been “linked with Covid”, the press is calling them the “true cost of lockdown”, with some papers suggesting lockdown is “killing more people than Covid”. READ MORE

Inside a Winnipeg child indoctrination center, masked inmates are being programmed to eat insects. Video

White House Orders 171 Million Doses of “New” Boosters for the Pro-Vaxxers Still Alive as COVID-19 Vaccine Market Dwindles

The pharma-funded corporate media announced yesterday that the White House has ordered 171 million “new” doses of COVID-19 vaccine booster shots that should be available for the COVID-19 pro-vaccine members of the American public soon who are still alive after receiving previous COVID-19 shots.

BREAKING: Newly Released Footge Shows Moment That Police Remove A FOUR-Year-Old From School For Not Wearing A Mask [VIDEO]

Commiefornia- After the 4-year-old holds up a form from his father explaining why he should not have to wear a mask, the principal calls the police to forcibly remove him.

Discredited MDs Preparing for a New Round of Virus BS

[The pandemic] is raging around as wildly as it has ever been,” claims Raywat Deonandan, an epidemiologist who routinely pushes for restrictions and is frequently cited by Global News.

He, along with Chief Public Health Officer Theresa Tam, are now saying that we need to be “readying ourselves for the fall” and are expecting potential new variants to emerge just as people settle back into the old normal and put pandemic nonsense behind them.

Horacio Bach, another of Global News’s frequently cited ‘experts,’ obviously agrees with renewing COVID measures, going so far as telling Canadians that they should consider double masking — perhaps the most ineffectual, nonsensical, ridiculous COVID measure ever posited.

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