About Me

My name is John Litteral (AKA Litteral Truth). I consider myself a researcher and seeker of truth. I have written and published numerous books in the past, mostly religious literature. I am focusing my attention now on world events, prepping, conspiracy theories, etc. I feel that my calling at this point in my life is to continue learning and sharing information about what is going on in the world. I am not out to sell anyone a belief system or ideology, just content about what I learn along this journey we call life. I have an open mind and I am open to all possibilities and am not afraid to rethink or question my point of view for the sake of truth. From the words of Augustine of Hippo (400AD)…

“Advance with me when you share my certainty. Seek with me when you have the same doubts. Accept my explanation if its you who is in error. And win me over to yours if it is I who am wrong.”

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