It’s All Scripted

Makow — It’s All Scripted September 3, 2021 (left, Towering Inferno 9-11) If the world now seemslike a bad movie,that’s because it is.We are extras in a filmwritten by psychopathswho want us gone.Cabalism (Satanism) is a religion of self-delusion and deceit. Reality itself is under assault. “We’re an empire now, and when we act, weContinue reading “It’s All Scripted”


by James Corbettcorbettreport.comSeptember 11, 2013 In naval warfare, a “false flag” refers to an attack where a vessel flies a flag other than their true battle flag before engaging their enemy. It is a trick, designed to deceive the enemy about the true nature and origin of an attack. In the democratic era, where governmentsContinue reading “A BRIEF HISTORY OF FALSE FLAG TERROR”