Super Truth Media Thursday

Article Macron announces new restrictions, putting France … Article UK Miscarriages Rise 366% After Taking COVID-19 Va… Article Shock Photos: Mom Suffers Agonizing Rash All Over … Article Germany Indefinitely Suspends AstraZeneca Vaccine … Video When three monumental liars tell you to ‘get vacci… Article Cult-gofer Trudeau and Canada’s fascist internment… Article Here we goContinue reading “Super Truth Media Thursday”


Check out the first episode of our new podcast called UNITED BY TRUTH! Guaranteed to give you information that you will never hear on the mainstream media, and forbidden by tyrannical governments! If they don’t want you to hear it, then you NEED to hear it! Check out our no-holds-barred conversation about what’s going onContinue reading “UNITED BY TRUTH PODCAST Episode 1”

Super Truth Media Wednesday

PANDEMIC Gov. DeSantis Shoots Down ‘Vaccine Passports’ In Florida TOTAL SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY Buttigieg: Mileage Fees To Replace Gas Tax To Fund Infrastructure TOTAL SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY IPVM: China Using Surveillance Companies To Create Ethnic-Tracking Specs CENSORSHIP Biden Administration Ramping Up For New Battle Over Net Neutrality CENSORSHIP Congress Battles Big Tech CEO’s To Transfer Censorship OversightContinue reading “Super Truth Media Wednesday”

Super Truth Media Tuesday

Article Clueless system-serving celebrities now target bla… Video The Harsh Reality of Vaccine Adverse Effects Video David Icke predicting the ‘Covid’ hoax in detail i… Article UK government liars ask for public views on ‘vacci… Video Matt Hancock Grilled By Tory MP’s Over Vaccine Eff… Article Bloomberg Op-Ed: “We Must Start Planning for a P…Continue reading “Super Truth Media Tuesday”

Super Truth Media Monday

CRISIS, FREE MARKETS, SCIENCE Markets Are More Knowledgeable Than Intellectuals Donald J. Boudreaux – March 29, 2021 “Nothing is easier than for intellectuals to express displeasure with the observed manner in which individuals make trade-offs, and then to assert that this manner of making trade-offs implies a market failure. But assertions are not analyses. When analyzed carefully throughContinue reading “Super Truth Media Monday”

Super Truth Media Sunday

Article “Trusted sources like the BBC and the NHS” – Care … Article All bow to the High Priests of cancel culture… w… Video NHS Nurse Quits Over ‘Covid’ Lies – “Silence Is Co… Article More Satellites by SpaceX and OneWeb Launched Desp… Article Media Silence As Anti-Lockdown Protest Movement Gr… Article Anti-vax email ‘deluge’Continue reading “Super Truth Media Sunday”

Super Truth Media Saturday

March 27, 2021Women experience COVID-19 and the vaccines differently from men. Data from the CDC suggest side effects from the vaccines are worse in women; for example, 63 of the total 66 reported cases of anaphylaxis happened in women. On the other hand, men… Are COVID Human Infection Trials Ethical?March 27, 2021Humans are deliberately beingContinue reading “Super Truth Media Saturday”