Super Truth Media Friday 5/7/21

Biden’s COVID Relief Plans Order Whites to The Back of The BusInformationLiberationMay 07Joe Biden’s handlers are embracing systemic racism.… (more) Portland: Heavily Armed Antifa Militants Block Streets, Attack Drivers While Pointing Guns At ThemInformationLiberationMay 06Videos out of Portland on Thursday show a gang of antifa militants armed with AR-15s and shotguns blocking streets in a suburbanContinue reading “Super Truth Media Friday 5/7/21”

Super Truth Media Thursday 5/6/21

Leo Prinsloo ID’ed As Heroic South African CIT Driver Who Escaped Armed Robbers, New Footage ReleasedInformationLiberationMay 05Leo Prinsloo, a former member of the South African Police Service (SAPS) Task Force, has been identified as the cash-in-transit driver seen on viral video narrowly escaping an army of road pirates.… (more) “You’ve Got My Back, Sean, I AppreciateContinue reading “Super Truth Media Thursday 5/6/21”

Super Truth Media Wednesday 5/5/21

Chauvin Attorney Files Request For New Trial After BLM Activist Caught Deceiving Court to Get On Jury InformationLiberation May 04 Derek Chauvin’s attorney on Tuesday filed a motion to request a new trial, citing jury misconduct, just two days after it was revealed BLM activist Brandon Mitchell lied about never attending a protest about “police useContinue reading “Super Truth Media Wednesday 5/5/21”

Super Truth Media Tuesday 5/4/21

“You’re Always Gonna Be Mexican, You’ll Never Be White!” Prof Berates LA Deputy During Traffic StopInformationLiberationMay 03Viral video out of Los Angeles County shows a professor berating a Hispanic police officer as a “murderer” during a routine traffic stop and telling him “you’re always going to Mexican” and “you’ll never be white.”… (more) BLM Activist GotContinue reading “Super Truth Media Tuesday 5/4/21”

Super Truth Media Monday 5/3/21

ACTIVISM, HEALTH, LIBERTY MAY 3, 2021 May 1st Freedom Rally in Brussels Belgium: Police Violently Assault Peaceful Protesters Without Warning Truth Comes to Light editor’s note: A friend of this site, living in Belgium, sent the following account of the May 1st freedom rally in…READ MORE ECONOMY, POLITICS, VIDEO MAY 3, 2021 How California Created the Homelessness Industrial Complex By CaliforniaContinue reading “Super Truth Media Monday 5/3/21”

Super Truth Media Sunday 5/2/21

PANDEMIC Technocracy’s Coup d’Etat Exposed In Mercola’s New Book ‘The Truth About COVID-19’ TECHNOCRACY Foreign Policy Mag: Sec’y Of Treasury Janet Yellen Labeled As Technocrat ENERGY Biden To Cancel Oil And Gas Lease Sales From Public Lands POPULATION CONTROL Former Pfizer VP: ‘Eugenicists Have Got Hold Of The Levers Of Power’ TECHNOCRACY View From Cyprus:Continue reading “Super Truth Media Sunday 5/2/21”

Super Truth Media Saturday 5/1/21

USA Today: ‘Browsing Books Can Lead to Extremist Rabbit Hole’InformationLiberationApr 30Browsing books can lead people down an “extremist rabbit hole,” warns USA Today’s Jessica Guynn.… (more) As Capitol Stormers Rot In DC Jails Stripped Of All Rights, Accused 2017 Inauguration Antifa Rioters Get $1.6M Payout From DC GovtInformationLiberationApr 30Though the Jan 6 Capitol protesters are being treatedContinue reading “Super Truth Media Saturday 5/1/21”

Super Truth media Friday 4/30/21

POPULATION CONTROL Former Pfizer VP: ‘Eugenicists Have Got Hold Of The Levers Of Power’ TECHNOCRACY View From Cyprus: The Road To Totalitarian Technocracy PANDEMIC STUDY: ‘Third Wave’ Of Sickness And Death Will Be Dominated By Those Who Have Been Fully Vaccinated SOCIAL CREDIT SCORING China’s ‘Social Credit Scoring’ Is Expanding Globally, Now Openly Operational InContinue reading “Super Truth media Friday 4/30/21”

Super Truth Media Thursday 4/29/21

The Biden Regime Is Carrying Out The Worst Attack On Our Democracy Since The Civil WarInformationLiberationApr 29Joe Biden on Wednesday night called January 6th “the worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War.”… (more) UK: Christian Pastor Arrested For Saying Marriage is Between a Man and a WomanSummit NewsApr 29 SOCIAL CREDIT SCORING China’s ‘SocialContinue reading “Super Truth Media Thursday 4/29/21”

Super Truth Media Wednesday 4/28/21

CENSORSHIP Proof That Twitter’s Censorship Of Big-Pharma Critics Is A Global Phenomenon INFRASTRUCTURE Shadowy DARPA-Linked Company Took Over ‘Chunk’ Of Pentagon’s Internet In Inauguration Day Mystery POLICE STATE, TOTAL SURVEILLANCE SOCIETY U.S. Post Office Surveillance Program Feeds Reports To DHS Fusion Centers FINTECH & BLOCKCHAIN China’s Digital Yuan Is Technocracy’s Dream Currency CORRUPT DATA, PANDEMIC Imperial CollegeContinue reading “Super Truth Media Wednesday 4/28/21”