Victim mentality and the anti-racism movement

Victim mentality and the anti-racism movement Posted by alternativethoughtsuk16th Dec 2020 Posted inUncategorizedTags:Black Lives matter, Black people, BLM, Discrimination, Racism, Racist, Victim Mentality and racism, White privilege Today I would like to discuss how a victim mentality relates to the anti-racism movements. On the whole, I believe the movement is a good cause as we should live in a world without harmful oldContinue reading “Victim mentality and the anti-racism movement”


By John Litteral As we look at what is going on in the world today it is obvious that people have been deceived and conditioned into believing that obedience and compliance to the ruling class are signs of virtuous and high moral standards, and those who questions authority and choose to not comply in submissiveContinue reading “A SHIFT IN CONSCIOUSNESS. MORALITY”