New World Order and Depopulation

By John Litteral NEW WORLD ORDER I wrote at length on the New World Order in my last book (Click here to get my books for free). Among the explanations I shared, I still find the most straight forward description comes from Ken Adachi, referred to and quoted by Jim Marrs… “After viewing the progressionContinue reading “New World Order and Depopulation”

God’s Law is designed to destroy the New World Order!

By John Litteral The message that I have tried to give in my new book (The Antichrist and his Cult), is that the Achilles Heel of this Cult and their agenda is an enlightened population. A population that knows the difference between right and wrong. A population of individuals that know that they are sovereignContinue reading “God’s Law is designed to destroy the New World Order!”

Unity or Mass Genocide

By John Litteral Having over 25 years of experience as a Christian, I have seen the lack of unity amongst Christians to say the least. Regrettably I spent a portion of my Christian experience being part of the problem by allowing myself to fall for the divide and conquer tactic of unnecessary “binding” dogmas andContinue reading “Unity or Mass Genocide”

Was Romans 13:1-7 a forgery?

By John Litteral In my new book “The Antichrist and his Cult,” I made the case that Christianity, along with every other institution has been infiltrated and coopted at different points of time and from many angles. The Cult, Global Cabal, Illuminati, Dark Occultists, Luciferians, or whatever you want to call them, has been aroundContinue reading “Was Romans 13:1-7 a forgery?”

Biblical End Times studies and research on the Cult/Cabal go hand-in-glove

By John Litteral I began studying the Bible in 1996, and eschatology was one of my earliest fascinations. I spent 19 years studying Biblical prophesy and the various schools of thought before I discovered the area of independent research that led me to learning about who really controls the world. That discovery began in 2015,Continue reading “Biblical End Times studies and research on the Cult/Cabal go hand-in-glove”

One World Government via Technocracy

By John Litteral The one world government is an obvious goal for the New World Order but getting this accomplished not only requires decades of incremental steps of having totalitarian legislation passed by governments working as a network, getting their marching orders from a centralized power entity (the Cult), it also requires that the ideaContinue reading “One World Government via Technocracy”