How Gullible Christians Became Zionists

Cyrus Scofield (1843-1921) was an Illuminati agent whose 1909 annotated Bible  duped countless evangelicals into unconditional support of Zionism. Scofield is an example of how the Illuminati can amend or interpret the Bible to advance their agenda of world tyranny.  Nature abhors a vacuum. That’s why the Illuminati own and control the world. The vacuum is between the ears of goyim whoContinue reading “How Gullible Christians Became Zionists”

Sabbatean Origin of the Illuminati Cult

In my last book called HANDBOOK ON THE POWERS THAT “SHOULD NOT” BE, I described how the world has been under the control of a Global Cabal, a global network that has been called by many different names such as the Illuminati, the Elite, Globalists, etc. This has been described by researchers as being aContinue reading “Sabbatean Origin of the Illuminati Cult”

Christians Acknowledging End Times (or not)

By John Litteral Even though we do not know the day nor hour when that time comes for when the Antichrist arrives for the Great Tribulation, we can see how the stage has been set with the creation of the State of Israel, the push for the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple, the moral decline andContinue reading “Christians Acknowledging End Times (or not)”

Covid Hoax is Black Magic

A pandemic with a death rate of less than .25% is not a pandemic.A virus with no symptoms is not a sickness. People are barred from society for refusing an experimental gene therapy posing as a “vaccine.”They re-branded and weaponized the common flu.We’ve entered the twilight zone folks. This is BLACK MAGIC.Sorcery Used to CastContinue reading “Covid Hoax is Black Magic”

Bible study on Revelation chapters 21-22

SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 21 Here John sees God’s creation totally renewed and the universe put back into its original state of glory. John also sees the Church in all Her future glory. God’s people will have glorified bodies and will dwell as the Church on a newly glorified earth. 1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth;Continue reading “Bible study on Revelation chapters 21-22”