Lockdowns Are An Act Of War!

Yes folks, we are at war! This is not an exaggeration at all. Anytime a government forces the population to stay inside and watch their livelihoods be destroyed over a fake pandemic that is over a so-called virus that has over a 99 percent survival rate, and having people who refuse to watch their businessesContinue reading “Lockdowns Are An Act Of War!”

Reject the Lockdowns or it’s OVER!

As many people are aware we are heading into another round of lockdowns. Some of us have been fully aware that it was coming. Another lockdown will completely destroy the world economy and bring unimaginable poverty and death. That just happens to be the agenda of this Global Network that has orchestrated this whole COVIDContinue reading “Reject the Lockdowns or it’s OVER!”

Will The Vaccine Cause The REAL Pandemic?

When looking at the last 8 months we’ve been told that we are in a pandemic. But in a real pandemic the statistics and numbers would not have to be manipulated and highly exaggerated the way they have been. There are many reasons why the numbers were so high with cases, and one main reasonContinue reading “Will The Vaccine Cause The REAL Pandemic?”