Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control in 2004

September 30, 2021 (l.sick satanic ritual sacrifice)We revisit the deathbed confessions of Frater 616 which revealed that Satanism has corrupted society to a far greater degreethan we ever imagined. This may explainwhy, increasingly, Western society resemblesa satanic cult and Australia is on the vanguardof the satanic New World Order.The aim of the Alpha Lodge is 66% illiteracy rates in theContinue reading “Australian Adept Unveiled World Satanic Control in 2004”

Bible Study on Revelation chapter 7

SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 7 John sees the angels getting ready to release judgment upon the earth, but they are told to hold off until God seals His people with the Holy Spirit so that they will be protected from the judgment that is intended for those who reject God. John’s vision here is of theContinue reading “Bible Study on Revelation chapter 7”


SUMMARY OF CHAPTER 6 Now John begins to see important mysteries concerning the past, present, and future events of the Church, and they are revealed to him through various phases that he calls “seals”. In this chapter John sees the Church and Christ as victors, the Devil causing bloodshed among the saints, the Devil beingContinue reading “BIBLE STUDY ON REVELATION 6”

Virologist “Banned from Campus” for Refusing Vax

(above. Bryam Bridle, associate professor of viral immunology at the Department of Pathobiology.) “I can show proof of immunity against SARS-CoV-2but you will not allow me to enter buildings…“With my life and that of my family, many friendsand treasured colleagues being destroyedunder your watch, I figure the least you can dois read and consider alternatives..” Controversial UContinue reading “Virologist “Banned from Campus” for Refusing Vax”

John Henry Newman Lecture 1. The Times of Antichrist

Lecture 1. The Times of Antichrist {44} THE Thessalonian Christians had supposed that the coming of Christ was near at hand. St. Paul writes to warn them against such an expectation. Not that he discountenances their looking out for our Lord’s coming,—the contrary; but he tells them that a certain event must come before it, andContinue reading “John Henry Newman Lecture 1. The Times of Antichrist”