2 Rules For Seeking Information!!

As for me, I have two main criterias when seeking information about world events. First and foremost, when looking to understand what is happening in the world I consult those who have a distrust in the mainstream media. If a person only gets their “news” from the mainstream media and simply parrots that, then theyContinue reading “2 Rules For Seeking Information!!”

The Dangers of Wearing Masks!!

There are numerous health risks for people wearing masks for hours a day. Little if any benefits come from wearing masks, and they do not prevent the spread of viruses, just read the box! But there are many health risks that people need to consider. Oxygen restriction causes extra strain on the heart and lungs.Continue reading “The Dangers of Wearing Masks!!”

Your Voice Counts! Keep Pushing Harder!!

If your voice wasn’t making a difference then Big Tech and government would not be going crazy trying to silence you. They have waged war on humanity and they know that they will lose unless they control the narrative and for most people to blindly follow their dictates. They are ushering in global tyranny andContinue reading “Your Voice Counts! Keep Pushing Harder!!”