False Left/Right Paradigm

I remember when I was a teenager many years ago when I learned that professional wrestling was not real fighting, and that the matches and angles were a ‘work’, that is, staged. And that the wrestlers, who at the time I thought hated each other, were actually friends and business partners behind the curtain. IContinue reading “False Left/Right Paradigm”

My List of Truth Warriors

Over the years I have learned how despicable the Mainstream Media is and how it is nothing more than mind control and a propaganda machine that’s sole purpose is to control the perception of the population. If you can control the people’s perception then you can control their behavior. I no longer listen to theContinue reading “My List of Truth Warriors”

Prepare for Food Shortages

I have been saying for a while that food shortages are coming. That is no big secret at all, but I feel like many people still do not realize that we are heading into some hard times. The world of Covid has brought about interruptions to the supply chain that has impacted manufacturing, ranchers, farmers,Continue reading “Prepare for Food Shortages”

How events of 911 even today is leading us to the New World Order!!

Like I keep saying, if you understand 911 then you will understand current events. Like I mentioned in my previous videos, that those who carried out 911 are the same ones carrying out the Covid scam now. This Covid scam is being used to take us into the New World Order (aka the Great Reset).Continue reading “How events of 911 even today is leading us to the New World Order!!”

This is not a Marxist takeover, it is Technocracy!

It is easy to mistake what is going on in the world as a movement towards Marxism. I hear a lot of people saying that we are headed to Communism. It sure could appear that way because we see many people supporting Socialism (Communism lite) even in the United States of America. The education systemContinue reading “This is not a Marxist takeover, it is Technocracy!”

Understand 911 and you will understand what the hell is going on now!

I began investigating 911 about 5 years ago, and at first I never intended on going down that deep rabbit hole. I give my journey on what led me there in a video below titled “911 and my Awakening”. One major thing I learned was that government is capable of doing anything! Many people sayContinue reading “Understand 911 and you will understand what the hell is going on now!”