Sabbatean-Frankists are Behind Communism & Covid

January 24, 2022 Rabbi Marvin Antelman  (193?-2014) deserves credit for exposing the modern Illuminati as a “heretical”  Cabalist Jewish movement named after its progenitors Sabbatai Zvi (1626-1676) and Jacob Frank (1726-1791.)Sabbatean-Frankists, a mostly Jewish movement that includes Gentile Freemasons assumes the identity of the target population and termite-like, subverts it from within.A Jewish authority, Gershom Scholem, describes them as “demonically possessed.” TheyContinue reading “Sabbatean-Frankists are Behind Communism & Covid”

Headlines for Jan 21, 2022

NBC Reports the U.S. Trucker Vaccine Mandate Scheduled for January 22nd May Collapse Supply Chain for Food and Auto Parts—Ontario truck driver predicts vaccine mandates will cause major supply chain issues in US, Canada‘The numbers I’m hearing are in around 38,000 [trucks] coming off the road.’——Cross-country truckers convoy departs B.C. for Ottawa to protestContinue reading “Headlines for Jan 21, 2022”

The Occult Connection by Fritz Springmeirer

By Fritz Artz Springmeier THE CONNECTION (16 JAN ’22) What if I were to tell you that bankers, royalty, communists, Nazis (future ones), occultists & other important folks all quietly got together at a conference put on by Luciferians (the OTO & the Theosophical Society) held in Switzerland on Aug 15-25, 1917 prior to theContinue reading “The Occult Connection by Fritz Springmeirer”

Dead Sea Scroll manuscript and the Tetragrammaton 

By John Litteral Years ago I studied the Dead Sea Scrolls intensely, and I did a project involving the Greek Minor Prophets Scroll from Nahal Hever (8HevXII gr). I transcribed all the fragments and then place it side by side with the Greek Septuagint and other early Greek versions of the Old Testament such asContinue reading “Dead Sea Scroll manuscript and the Tetragrammaton “

1929 Wall Street Crash Was Another Illuminati Assault on Society

January 13, 2022The Great Depression was an early exampleof a contrived breakdown of society much like the covid hoax. See Covid in the context of World Wars & Great Depressions, subterfuges designed to enslave and destroy. Curiously, Churchill managed to be in the Gallery of the New York Stock Exchange on October 24, “Black Thursday,” withContinue reading “1929 Wall Street Crash Was Another Illuminati Assault on Society”

Christian Anarchist Jacques Ellul On Romans 13:1-7

I recently wrote and published an article on Romans 13:-17 and 1 Peter 2:13-18, analyzing the authenticity of those passages and where it fits in with Christian free-thinking and Christian anarchist thought. Ultimately I concluded that those passages appear to either be authoritarian inserts or that Paul and Peter were wrong in their assertions byContinue reading “Christian Anarchist Jacques Ellul On Romans 13:1-7”

Why Do Illuminati Reveal Their Agenda?

This article was written long before the scamdemic but it’s a reminder that these conjurers have been gas lighting us for a long time. They engage in cognitive dissonance by revealing the truth. They’ll tell you all about Agenda 2030 (left) but this information somehow never makes it into the MSM. They tell you aboutContinue reading “Why Do Illuminati Reveal Their Agenda?”